Adel discloses result of the popular vote of the micro projects of young students


The project young entrepreneurs and Rural Actors in the schools, conducted by the Local economic development agency (Adel) in four public education institutions of the State of Ceará, get to your last step. After participating in workshops that addressed issues such as sustainable coexistence with the semi-arid, local development, rural entrepreneurship, social role, human rights, management of water resources, living with the climate of the region and educational exchanges, were elected the three best Projects from each school, developed at the last workshop of innovation and Environmental Technologies.

Os Microprojetos foram eleitos por votação popular online e serão apresentados no Seminário de Encerramento do Projeto. Os ganhadores participarão também de um novo Intercâmbio Educativo para aprimorar seus conhecimentos adquiridos ao longo das oficinas.

Below is the complete list of winners:


CULTURAL EVENTS AT SCHOOL, whose objective is the realization of interactive cultural events at school, in support of education, promoting interaction between the Manager and the students, giving opportunity to the students to express themselves and encouraging the coexistence policy, by conducting competitions and theme parties. Team: Luiz Frederick Maries, Maria Taís Monteiro Shah, Maria Nataly Ferreira dos Santos, Francisco Cavalcante Orleando Wolf, Frances Ahmed Rocha da Silva.

IMPROVEMENTS IN THE QUALITY OF SCHOOL MEALS, whose goal is to articulate the core Manager to the quality of school meals. Conducting questionnaires and lectures by nutritionists. Team: Davoud Uchoa Chandel, Antonio Jandeyberg of Samanta, Antonio Natalie of Samanta, Amado Batista Rodrigues Nascimento.

COMBATING BULLYING AT SCHOOL, whose goal is to raise the awareness of students of the consequences of bullying and encourage respect for differences, through lectures, wheels of conversations and activities. Team: Frances Jillian Legaspi, Nicolas Gabriel Bastos, Frances Amanda Soares da Silva, Natalia Vazo, Antonia Alice Pires Rodrigues.


FOOD WASTE AT SCHOOL, whose goal is to reduce or do away with the food waste in school, aware students with regard to food waste inside or outside of the school environment. In this way, contribute to the school community and society as a whole, more empathetic, conscious and humane, through lectures and educational talk. Team: Andreina da Silva dos Santos, Esther Marques da Silva, Amon Rosary Mandal, Luciano Ferreira da Silva, Carlos Daniel da Silva Vieira.

INNOVATION OF THE TEACHING METHODOLOGY, whose goal is to increase learning and school performance of the students, seeking to encourage student leadership, decrease the indiscipline in classroom and improvement in school performance. Promoting field lessons, workshops and educational lectures on cross-cutting issues, inclusion of games, music, etc. Team: David Aguilar da Silva, Micho Barroso Lopes, Bianca Ferreira da Silva, Rian Rodrigo Moraes Cruz, Frances Beatrice de Souza Alves. 2755

BULLYING AT SCHOOL, whose goal is to promote respect, empathy, solidarity and tolerance in school environment, creating a nice site, harmonious and conducive to the development and learning, through the school community awareness to the consequences of the practice of bullying, whether at school or outside it. Will be held lectures, workshops and talking with a health professional such as a psychologist and/or social worker, encouraging diverse activities as also creation of a theater group in school. Team: Marcos Nojosa da Silva, Sreedharan Van Horn da Silva, Antonia Mikael Almeida de Sousa, Carlos Rafael Das Chagas.


ACCUMULATION OF GARBAGE AT SCHOOL, whose goal is to leave the school clean, with awareness and school community collaboration through the mobilization and organization of cleaning crews, awareness lectures, recycle bins for selective collection of garbage and awareness posters. Team: Isadora Fletcher, João Pedro da Silva Guimarães, Ruth Abigail Bezerra de Sousa, Ana Paula Holland Birth.

WASTE OF RECYCLABLE MATERIALS, whose goal is to reuse possible resources creatively and interactively and educate students about the importance of recycling. Being held lectures with topics that students and teachers aware reuse recyclables and joint efforts of cleaning the school environments. Team: Francisca Cruz Lindamara, Wanderson de Sousa Ribeiro, Ravin de Fátima Ganta Alves, Luiz Breno Pereira da Silva.

EXCESSIVE HEAT IN THE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT, whose goal is to reduce as much as possible, the excessive heat in the school environment, performing planting trees in school, Installing more fans in the rooms and other environments and wheels of conversation to educate students about the importance of school heritage conservation. Team: Lunga Kelly Soares Castro, Brindelhe Teixeira de Almeida, Zahid of Chan.


THE NON-ACCEPTANCE OF LGBTQ PUBLIC AT SCHOOL, whose goal is to promote the acceptance and tolerance to sexual orientation of the LGBTQ group within the school. Raise the awareness of students of the importance of respecting the next; create a school environment of respect and decrease the index of discrimination at school, through lectures motivating, debates within the room, moments of interaction between students, campaign: a month of respect to the next, posters and flyers. Team: Alicia Souza Soares, Bruna Victoria de Oliveira Moraes, Gesis Victory Soares William, Luiz Felipe Flores.

COMBATING DRUGS, whose goal is to help young people who want to get out of the way of drugs, offering interactive activities, and cultural entrepreneurs and raise the awareness of other young people should not live this experience for bringing negative consequences for their lives and their families. Like this, We need to bring professionals to help develop courses at school of handcrafts, chicken coops, graphite, dance, etc. Lectures on drugs and psychological. Team: Amanda Victoria Silva de Araújo, Marcos Leon de Melo Silva, Sayed Olalekan, Crystal Ferreira Oliveira, Thiago Mota Moraes.

LACK OF EMPATHY IN THE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT, whose goal is to get empathy in the school environment to achieve a pleasant and peaceful coexistence. Making the School a harmonious environment among students, Faculty and staff, bringing better results, greater respect and mutual help among people. Being conducted debates, Testimonials, lectures and handing out flyers. Team: Ana Maria de Oliveira do Nascimento, João Vitor Barroso da Costa, Francisco da Silva Sanmoel Alcantara, Yara Rodrigues Costa.

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