Adel discloses result of project selection diversity and Entrepreneurship


The Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) publicizes the result regarding the selection of young people to participate in the Project diversity and Entrepreneurship of young rural, first initiative of the organization with a focus that is unique to the LGBT community and integrating the portfolio of activities of Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER).

Near 60 young people from the municipalities of Apuiarés, Paracuru, Pentecost, São Gonçalo do Amarante and Tejuçuoca, participated in the selection process. After analysis of the inscriptions to Adel interviewed 37 enrolled and, 28 were selected to participate in the project.

The diversity project and Entrepreneurship of young rural search contribute with LGBT youth access +, the knowledge, credit, collaborative networks and technologies that enable them to undertake and remain with quality of life in their communities.

Aurigele Alves, Program Director of Adel, reports that during the selection had the opportunity to know the context in which they live LGBT youth + in territory. "I had the chance to get to know better the reality of that community, the absence of perspectives. The vast majority did not complete high school and it was one of the main challenges in the selection ".

The project has selected young people aged 18 e 32 years, with high school and residing in one of the five counties included in the initiative. Project activities begin next Monday (13) in the area of Training of entrepreneurs, at Pentecost.

The diversity project and Entrepreneurship of young rural was selected in the National LGBT notice + Pride of ITA. THE LGBT + Pride aims to encourage the development of initiatives that support and encourage the visibility, Security and respect for LGBT people +. Has the Most Diversity consulting.

Check out the list of selected youth.

The Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER)

The Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER) It was created by Adel on 2009. Is the Alliance between four (4) components: access to knowledge, oriented credit, strengthening organizational support and access to information and communication technologies. More than 1000 young entrepreneurs have been supported by the programme and about 90% These young people remain in their communities. This year the PJER is also in the process of expansion to the Amazon.

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