Adel and Casa do Rio publish Notice of selection for PJER educational Monitor


The Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) and the Casa do Rio disclosed the selection process for the recruitment of young people who wish to develop skills and competencies to carry out the Educational Monitor function in Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER), social technology of Adel, that will be reapplied in Careiro Castanho, in the Amazon, from this semester.

In this call, the Adel and the Casa do Rio will select 2 (two) young people who are residing in the territory of the Casa do Rio, in the Amazon (Careiro Castanho, Manaquiri, Autazes and Careiro da Várzea), aged 18 e 32 years and have the desire to contribute to the development of their communities. Young people will be trained and engaged in a process of sharing, cooperation, exchange and learning about the challenges and, mainly, the solutions and good ideas for projects and projects that contribute to local development.

After the training period, the monitors will act as facilitators of PJER next to Casa do Rio, support in the selection of other young, in project documentation and organization of events, support in individual tutoring, guidance and monitoring of selected, among other activities relating to the dynamics of the program.
The young people selected in this public notice will be given of the Casa do Rio an allowance during the execution of the project, in the period from March to December this year.

Registration is open until the day 28 February 2019.
To access the notice.

Reapplication of PJER in Amazon

The reapplication of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER) in the Amazon is part of the Strategic Alliance signed between Adel and the Casa do Rio at the end of 2018. The goal is to increase the social impact of Adel and increase the scale of your operation for the benefit of more people and communities in all Brazil.

Amazon brings a very particular socioeconomic reality, but with challenges and opportunities for young entrepreneurs and protagonists similar to picture the Brazilian northeastern semi-arid region experienced – challenges such as migratory pressure, rural exodus, little structured value chains, even in scenarios with various economic potentials and offering avenues for new business creation.

The partnership with the Casa do Rio, institution that operates since 2009 in the municipality Careiro Castanho, will support the transformation of the socioeconomic reality of the forest people who live in an environment of high resilience for teenagers, young people and farmers, in which the demands for knowledge, credit, networks and technologies are quite similar to the Northeast, Although they are not the same.

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