Adel and Qair Brasil open registration for training project and support to young people in Trairi

The Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) in partnership with Qair Brasil, Makes public the inscriptions for the training project and support for young entrepreneurs and rural protagonists. The project integrates Qair Brasil's relationship and corporate sustainability strategy around the Solar Serrote Wind Complex, In the municipality of Trairi, On the coast of Ceará. It is executed by the new business area of Adel.

Project registrations are open until the day 11 October and may participate in the selection of young people aged 18 e 32 years, Who have completed or are in the last year of high school, Have the desire to undertake and remain in the municipality and reside in one of the communities served: Canaan; New world; Stream of Theftados; Caraúbas; Handsaw; Anteater; Gurguri; Mucunã; Ramada Stream; Hard Floor; Colchester; Goiti; Bored Dick; Workshop; Atola or Esperinha.

Thirty (30) Young people will be selected to participate in the project. The idea is to promote the development of technical and management capacities with these young, So that they are able to understand their contexts and environments of actuation, Identify opportunities and potentialities to create and initiate business and/or socio-environmental impact projects in their communities.

The selected participants will participate in the course of entrepreneurship and rural business management. The course presents the first steps to undertake, With particular attention to marketing, Good management of your small business, Access to credit and investment for the development of its ventures and incentive to the formation of local productive arrangements, That can culminate in local business and social movements by young people, such as networks, Cooperatives, Associations or new ventures.

Registration and course are free and the training will be held in the municipality of Trari/CE. The start of activities is planned for the day 4 from November. Registrations will be in-person, The team responsible for the operationalization of the project will perform visits to the communities served and making available in schools and with community leaderships printed.

The course brings together information and tools that will assist young people in developing their business projects, Whether for economic or social purposes. The Business project is essential for the young person to have access to credit, Through the Veredas fund, Own and private credit initiative created and managed by Adel itself through donations and investments of its partners. The Veredas Fund, Account today with more than R $ 600 Thousand reais in volume of operations and offers loans exclusively to young rural entrepreneurs.

About the project

The project is an action of Adel's new business area and represents the reapplication of the expertise that the organization has developed over the last ten years in its young Rural entrepreneur program (PJER), That has directly benefited about 3 Thousand young people of 10 Municipalities Ceará, Through projects, Actions and activities.

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