Adel expands PJER's performance to Rio Grande do Norte

A Local Economic Development Agency (Adel), Institution created in Pentecoste, In the interior of Ceará, Comes, There are more than 10 years, Transforming the reality of the semiarid and opening paths in the field. Through its own social technology entitled Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER), Adel already has more than 3 Thousand beneficiaries and R $ 650 Thousand invested in youth ventures. In a new moment, The activities of the PJER exceed the boundaries of the Cearense Sertão and will arrive, Yet this year, to the municipalities of Parazinho e São Miguel do Gostoso, Both in Rio Grande do Norte.

The program forms and supports rural young people so that they become entrepreneurs and protagonists in the communities where they live. It consists of four main axes: knowledge (Formative activities and advisory sessions/workshops and technical assistance); credit (Footpaths background, Loan line geared towards young people); networking (Advisory sessions, Stimulus and conduction of projects); and Technologies (Projects and actions to disseminate socio-environmental technologies, Information and communication).

"Adel has been designing the program for a long time and understands that it is a program that fits communities in vulnerable situations. The focus will always be the same: Support and enable youth access to training and technical support, Management, Financial and technological to meet the basic needs of young people and so that they can take their first steps as entrepreneurs ", Explains Adel's program director, Aurigele Alves.


After working in nine municipalities of Ceará and start their expansion process in the Amazon in partnership with the NGO Casa do Rio, The PJER will be replicated in two (2) schools, One in the municipality of Parazinho and another in São Miguel do Gostoso, In partnership and with social investment Brookfield Renewable Energies.

"In the case of Rio Grande do Norte, is an opportunity that arises from our consistent performance in that region over the past three years in the field of new business. We have an advanced nucleus in the municipality of João Câmara and this led to the proposal of expansion with a social project of its own in that territory. The opportunity that enabled this action was a call for social impact initiatives launched by the institution to receive its private social investment ", Comments the Director of development, Gláucio Gomes.

The introduction, In high school schools in the Semiarid region of Ceará, of topics that highlight to young students the opportunities and alternatives for their maintenance in rural areas and for improvement in their living and working conditions is essential for the promotion of local development.

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