Adel expands your acting for Amazon and partnered with the Casa do Rio

Aurigele Alves, Program Director of Adel and Thiago Cavalli , Executive Director of Casa do Rio

With the aim of broadening your social impact and increase the scale of your operation for the benefit of more people and communities in all Brazil, the Adel expands from this semester your acting for Amazon and firm a strategic alliance with the Casa do Rio – institution that operates since 2009 in the municipality of Careiro Castanho.

The Casa do Rio performs various education initiatives, income generation for local sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. It aims to support the transformation of the socioeconomic reality of the forest people, respecting the cultural aspects, technologies and traditional knowledge.

The expansion of the operations of Adel to other regions in Brazil is part of your institutional development strategy. It is believed that Adel's expertise in promoting local development through entrepreneurship and social protagonism is relevant in several other contexts of resilience in the country.

This expansion is already happening by installing Advanced Cores in territories in the Northeast. Ever expanding to other regional contexts of Brazil, occurs by means of strategic alliances with local partner organisations, What are the strategic allies of Adel on this journey of growth.

An important strategic ally of Adel, from this point of view, is the Casa do Rio, in Amazon. The institutional model of Adel is seen by the managers of the Casa do Rio as a reference for your own growth. According To Thiago Cavalli, Executive Director of Casa do Rio, the maturity of an institution goes through if rethink from time and time, review your standards.

"We began the process of institutional strengthening, reviewing and rethinking our strategies, organizing our actions, taking advantage of better opportunities. This has only been possible by the partnerships established with BrazilFoundation and Adel, partners in this process "emphasizes.

Strategic Alliance


The strategic alliance between the two organizations was signed recently. The Adel takes on the commitment to support the institutional development of the House of the river so that the entity can be an advanced point of experimentation and implementation of projects and methodologies developed by Adel in the context of the Amazon.

Amazon brings a very particular socioeconomic reality, but with challenges and opportunities for young entrepreneurs and protagonists similar to picture the Brazilian northeastern semi-arid region experienced – challenges such as migratory pressure, rural exodus, little structured value chains, even in scenarios with various economic potentials and offering avenues for new business creation. Is a high resiliency environment for teenagers, young people and farmers, in which the demands for knowledge, credit, networks and technologies are quite similar, Although they are not the same.

Activities related to strategic alliance started this week, with the visit of the program director of Adel, Aurigele Alves, the headquarters of the Casa do Rio, in Careiro Brown, municipality about 107 kilometers from Manaus, Amazonas. It is a moment of recognition, to learn about the Casa do Rio, their perspectives and strategies, and for the exchange of information and knowledge about both organizations. The first step in the technical support that Adel begins offering the Casa do Rio.

Besides that, Adel and Casa do Rio, together, are already developing and will develop projects and actions together. Programmatic concepts and methodologies generated by Adel on their 11 years of experience will be reapplied by the Casa do Rio, in the communities where it works. The proposal of Adel is advising the House of Rio from the learning acquired as local development agency with operations consolidated in resiliency in Brazil environments.

"We will work with both aspects of programmatic configuration, about it governance, for a Casa do Rio is a stronger Organization and consistent for years to come ", emphasizes Gláucio Gomes, Director of Development Adel.

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