Adel starts project in partnership with Qair Brazil

Visit of the team of Quadran Brasil to the headquarters of Adel

A Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) Starts this month, Project to promote entrepreneurship and the protagonism of rural youth, Through the provision of socio-environmental services to the Qair Brazil. The project integrates the strategy of relationship and corporate sustainability in relation to communities in the area of direct influence (Aid) Of the wind-Solar Serrote complex, In the municipality of Trairi, On the coast of Ceará.

The initiative aims to develop capacities for young people so that they can start and/or advance in their own ventures, Within their communities. Be individually, With their families, With other young people or even acting in existing ventures, As managers. Thirty (30) Local youth will benefit from, So that they are able to understand their contexts and environments of actuation, Identify opportunities and potentialities and then create and initiate business and/or socio-environmental impact projects.

Rural youth challenges migratory pressures for urban centers in search of jobs, Due to the need to generate own income and complementation of family income. The young, Although they have affective bonding, Social and cultural communities with their, Which inspire them to remain in the places where they were born and were created, They end up not realizing real opportunities so that they may have prospects for positive social mobility or even improvements in their living and working conditions.

The project will begin with the realization of a preliminary diagnosis of its area of operation, That will enable a better understanding of the environment of business creation and development and/or socio-environmental impact initiatives. The diagnosis also evidences the potentialities and limitations of young people to be benefited.

After this process, The mobilization and selection of young people will be, Who will have access to training and advisory activities to create and initiate their business projects. With the Business Project at hand, They will be able to submit them to the Veredas fund, Adel's microcredit fund which aims to invest specifically in rural youth ventures.

Reapplication of Expertise

The project is an action of the new business area of Adel, that offers and performs services such as consulting, Advice, management, Management and operationalization of local development projects. "There are 10 years, We form and support the young man who makes the choice for undertaking and protagonising transformations in his life and of his community, Whether through the implementation of a business or a social impact project. The partnership with Qair Brasil will be a great opportunity for us to create strategies that are effective to foster the creation and first steps in projects of enterprises by these young people", Reinforces Wagner Gomes, Director of business at Adel.

This project represents the reapplication of the expertise that Adel has developed over the last ten years in its Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER), That has directly benefited about 3 Thousand young people of 10 Municipalities Ceará, Through projects, Actions and activities.

The strategy of the PJER consists of the alliance of four (4) components: knowledge; oriented credit; Cooperative networks and Technologies. More than 200 New ventures were created in the territories of the Curu Valley and the metropolitan region of Fortaleza, Contributing to modernising, To streamline and heat local economies, Enabling young alternatives of trajectories for their development as people and as protagonists of transformations in their communities.

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