Seminar Challenges to inclusion of LGBT youth socioprodutiva + in Ceará

Dediane Sharma, Labelle Rainbow and José Carlos Lázaro, from left to right

The Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) held last Monday, 13/05, in the area of Training of entrepreneurs, at the neighborhood Bar, Pentecost (THIS), the seminar Challenges to inclusion of LGBT youth socioprodutiva + in Ceará.

Participated in the Seminar Dario Baloch, LGBTI activist + non-binárie, Member of project coordination of the resistance group the white Wing (GRAB); Dediane Sharma, Special Coordination Executive Coordinator of the Sexual Diversity of Fortaleza City Hall; José Carlos Lázaro, Professor at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC); e, Labelle Rainbow, Shemale, Black, which coordinates, Since 2008, is Rainbow and Culture Film Festival of Sexual Diversity.

The seminar marked the beginning of the training activities of the project diversity and Entrepreneurship rural youth is part of the portfolio of activities of Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER) and benefits 28 young people from five municipalities in Ceará – Apuiarés, Paracuru, Pentecost, São Gonçalo do Amarante and Tejuçuoca. It was a moment Rico in learning that addressed issues essential to the struggle of the LGBT population +, as access to public policies and the inclusion socioprodutuvita.

Dediane Sharma, pointed out that the guarantee of rights of Lgbt population is a challenge, Since there are few national equipment, State and local we cater to this audience in contexts of social vulnerability. "We need to strengthen the safety net and promote LGBT citizenship, We come first eradicating institutional violence, She still is a demand of clashes ".

For Dario Baloch, the project coordination of the GRAB, organization that has been operating for 30 years in Fortaleza, in the fight for human rights of LGBTI people + population living with HIV/Aids, guided socioprodutiva inclusion is necessary. "We still have to discuss rights and guarantee socioprodutiva for LGBT inclusion, the labour market, education and health, Why are people still viewed as a pathology by society. There is a World situation that is very subtle, a power relationship, as well as the racism which privileges some populations to the detriment of our ".

The Lgbtphobia is a structural issue and few LGBT people +, even when they have good resumes, can access to the formal labour market. According to the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (Antra), about of 90% of transvestites and transsexuals, the area of activity of the Association, admitted into prostitution at least at some point in life for not being able to work, which increases the vulnerability of these people who are in street context, making them more exposed to acts of violence. The LGBT + that can formal jobs, more of 40% omit your sexuality in the workplace for fear of suffering prejudice or even be dismissed.

Prof.. José Carlos Lázaro (UFC)

Prof.. José Carlos Lazarus that research on diversity, innovation and sustainability underscored that diversity is a richness and lamented by exist few areas for positive discussions. "Society has a stable view of the world and there is no battle to accept differences, There is no such battle because there are people who don't want to see the world differently, spread the knowledge, people can't overcome their individual and selfish values on other people, and we have to speed this up. I reiterate the importance of Adel and entrepreneurship on this project, is a force that can germinate on this site, people start to think that everyone is entitled to freedom ".

Grand Strategy and challenge to be faced by LGBT population + second Labelle Rainbow is to understand that diversity, the differences are not defects. "It is through the various forms of love and the quest for freedom that we will follow building and doing transformations, believing that it is possible, We're here doing and going on, Yes you can fight for human rights and we follow in this fight ".

The seminar was moderated by Aurigele Alves, Program Director Adel and featured the musical attraction of Hesse Santana, along with three companions that make up the project House of Deny, a space in Fortaleza, to fruition, and culture to support LGBT + black women. Also attended the event: Elisha Joca, Secretary of Agriculture of Tejuçuoca; Wilton Castro, representative of child services in the municipality of Paracuru; e, Hong Keow Duarte, Core reference technique of LGBT Sexual Diversity (NUDES) the municipality of Apuiarés.

The diversity project and Entrepreneurship Rural youth is the first initiative of Adel focusing exclusively for the LGBT population +. Is the result of the National LGBT notice + Pride made possible by the partnership between Ita and more diversity, It aims to encourage the development of initiatives that support and encourage the visibility, Security and respect for LGBT people +.

For Carla Moura, 25, trans woman of the municipality of Apuiarés, participate in the project is an opportunity to spread knowledge to other women. "Having that experience of being in a group with other Lgbt people and bring an economic return for me and my town and I can see other possibilities for inclusion of trans women is essential. The seminar was very constructive, see examples of trans women that are in the fight, show me what I'm capable of. I think we got the right tools to improve ".

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