Adel holds seminar on resilience and cooperation

Sabrina Santos, Aurigele Alves and Brunna Bastos, from left to right

The Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) held today (5), the Resilience and Development Seminar location – A debate about the role and cooperation of rural LGBT youth +, At the Alan Pinho Tabosa School, at Pentecost (THIS). The event concludes the cycle project Diversity and entrepreneurship training to Rural Youth, strategy to promote the development of business enterprises and social and environmental impact with LGBT youth + in Ceará.

The event started with the opening speech of Adriano Batista, Executive Director of Adel. Adriano shared a little of your life path, addressing the concept of resilience as the ability to resist, overcome and deal with challenges in a given context, advancing in the desired ways independent of the obstacles encountered. Project Manager Julia Figueiredo, representing the more diversity and ITA, thanked the opportunity to partnering with a much needed project. "We very proud to support this project. We believe in diversity, that people bring diverse solutions. People thinking of various solutions will bring a much more inclusive society, and more open to all forms of being, all the ways to identify and to all forms of love ", Julia highlighted.

Júlia Figueiredo, More diversity and Ita representative

The event counted on the Panel: Resilience and Local Development – A debate about the role and cooperation of rural LGBT youth +, with mediation by Brunna Bastos, Adel Development Assistant. Have been contributing to the debate, Gláucio Gomes, Development Director Adel; Aurigele Alves, Program Director Adel; Sabrina Santos, Young entrepreneur and creator of the flower of the outback; e, Homer Henry, Pedagogical Advisor on Coordination of educational diversity and inclusion (Codin) the Board of education of the State of Ceará (SEDUC).

Homer Henry and Gláucio Gomes

Gláucio highlighted development as freedom for young people to see what they have to power, of force, to make a career out of alternative social standards and common sense. It reinforces that we must create differential and innovations to show to the market. "There is a rich economy is not diverse. When people value their idiosyncrasies, its peculiarities and transform it into products, in order to do, solutions, technologies and innovations, each one can produce a one-time thing ", emphasizes.

Homer Henry of Codin/SEDUC, highlights the importance of thinking that LGBT youth + clipping in rural areas, because each environment has its particularities and diverse experiences. He believes that the visibility of the project is a way to break the stereotypes and myths that are associated with the LGBT population +. Aurigele Alves brings your own life story to reinforce your speech that you can have the freedom to make their own choices, It is possible to undertake and contribute to personal development and territory.

Sabrina Santos also uses of your experience as a young entrepreneur and member of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER), to encourage the next steps in the process, youth entrepreneur, reporting the main challenges faced, but also the good results of their choices.

Still present Teresa Cristina Franco and Nohemy Rezende of Department of education of the State of Ceará (SEDUC), Hong Keow Duarte, representing the core of Sexual Diversity de Apuiarés (N.U.D. S), Helano Light, Chief Financial Officer (Cfo) Adel, e, friends and family of LGBT youth who have completed the course + Entrepreneurship and Social Protagonism given by Project. Twenty-two (22) young people received their certificates of completion of the course at the end of the event.

About the project

The diversity project and Entrepreneurship of young rural integrates the activities of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER) and works to promote development strategies of business enterprises and rural socio-environmental impact, in the context of the Brazilian northeastern semi-arid region. Alia, access of young people benefit from the knowledge, credit, collaborative networks and technologies. In the scenario of strong hostility in which LGBT youth + are inserted, the Alliance between entrepreneurship and social protagonism creates real alternatives of trajectories for positive social mobility and guarantee fundamental freedoms. The project is performed in partnership with ITA and More Diversity consulting.

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