Young people from Ceará participate in online advisory sessions during the pandemic

A Local Economic Development Agency (Adel), since the beginning of social isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, adopts a number of measures to support young people from rural communities in eleven municipalities in Ceará. The performance takes place on three fronts: virtual advice, who has already performed 486 Sessions of online mentoring; content production on their social networks, through lives on Instagram and Webinars on YouTube, in which entrepreneurs participate; and a financial contingency plan, Through the Veredas fund, institution's microcredit strategy.

In mentoring, that happen through video calls or video messages Whatsapp, an Adel team makes daily contact to guide, plan actions and disseminate content. Among the most demanded points of aid in the definition of solutions, are measures and strategies that go through the field of digital marketing, Advertising, sales in e-commerce, financial management, access to credit and repositioning of the enterprise.

All content is made available through Adel profiles. Are lives on Instagram, Webinars, virtual conversation wheels, forums and posts of inserts with content. The Webinars that happen on Youtube already add up to more than 1.081 Views, with live appearances from various experts talking about Resilience, financial education, entrepreneurship, Innovation, Economy Creative, Diversity, among other topics.

According to Adel's Program Director, Aurigele Alves, these actions aim to support/dialogue with young rural entrepreneurs to circumvent the economic crisis together. "Not all of them had access to government aid, that ensure the maintenance of their business", highlights.

Besides that, the Adel, through the Footpaths background, has been performing, during the pandemic, negotiations of terms and debts by 90 days. Initially, about of 45 Loans are part of agreements that facilitate payments. The implementation of this plan has allowed entrepreneurs to organize themselves in the face of the crisis and helped them gain momentum to move forward. During this period, 6 new loans were released.

For Brena Araújo, Young meliponicultora who lives in the Sitio do Meio community, at Pentecost, Adel's support through technologies has been essential in this time of crisis. "I think it's very important that Adel's idea of directing this more focused support to address this pandemic crisis, just as at all other times always proved available to us young people. Through the lives I am being can review subjects I had already seen in our training period and think of ways to maintain my business", highlights.

Further details on these and other support measures for young people can be consulted through social networks and/or telephone and Whatsapp: (85) 9 9984.4131.

Caroá Fair delivers organic fruits and vegetables in Pentecost

This week, young farmers from Cooperativa Caroá will deliver fruits, organic vegetables and vegetables of Pentecost. The strategy seeks to ensure greater security for families of the municipality, decreasing the risk of contagion from the new coronavirus.

Since the beginning of the social isolation, preventive measure for contain covid-19, more of twenty farmerxs, All young people benefited from the Young Rural Entrepreneur Program (PJER) the Local economic development agency (Adel), started Feira Caroá at Home.

Initially, a Feira Caroá at Home, attended only consumers of Fortaleza. Second Victor Esteves, Executive Director of Cooperativa Caroá, currently, Cooperativa Caroá serves around 220 customers per week six municipalities – Eusebius, Caucaia, Icaraí, Maracanaú, Fortaleza and Paracuru. From this week on, they make deliveries in Pentecost.

"The products are all organic and produced by small farmers of Pentecost, São Gonçalo do Amarante, Pindoretama, New Year's, Trairi and São Luís do Curu", highlights. Every Monday the list of products available in the week is made available via Whatsapp and application used by Cooperativa Caroá.

This week the Caroá At Home Fair offers 56 product varieties. Pumpkin (Jerimum, Florida), Saffron of the Earth, Chard, American Lettuce, Banana Silver, Sweet potato, Eggplant, Holy Grass, Fresh Gum, Mint, Macaxeira District, Italian Bee Honey, Green Corn Cob, Coconut oil, Caipira Egg, among other products. All agroecological and organic, the novelty of this week's list is the Cheese Bread of Paracuru and the Pumpkin Cabotiá.

Orders must be placed by Sunday 8pm to ensure the delivery time in the following week. On Wednesdays, deliveries take place in the municipality of Pentecost. Payment can be made in advance via bank transfer, credit or debit card.

Consumers will be able to place their orders through that Link: HTTPS://

The Caroá Cooperative

A Cooperativa Caroá is the first youth cooperative in the Curu Valley region. Children of farmers and farmers, fishermen and small traders, all young people benefited by the Young Rural Entrepreneur Program (PJER) the Local economic development agency (Adel), joined forces and challenges and began to think of ways to market their organic products, from family farming.

Managed by three young people - Rayssa Duarte, Vitor Esteves and José Wirton, Cooperativa Caroá acts following agroecological and ethical principles in the production of, encouraging healthy eating, sustainability, fair trade, solidarity economy and the role of rural women and young people who believe in the local potential.

Feira Caroá at Home | Whatsapp: (85) 9 9997.8674; Instagram: @feiracaroa

Webinar discusses the theme Innovation in Times of Crisis

Today, 11, at 19h, a Local Economic Development Agency (Adel), performs the Webinar Innovation in Times of Crisis, on your YouTube channel. The goal is to talk about experiences of social innovation that contribute to the development of grassroots communities and territories in vulnerable situations.

The virtual meeting has the participation of Ana Clara Souza, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Business School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (Pucrs); Marlei Pozzebon, Full professor at HEC Montreal and associate professor at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV); e, José Carlos Lázaro, Professor at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC). Mediation will be carried out by Gláucio Gomes, Director of Development Adel.

Webinar participants are researchers investigating the impacts of social innovation and the dissemination of social technologies at national and global level. Both study the relevance of social technologies for social transformation. Marlei Pozzebon's research interests, who is a member of the Advisory Board of Adel, are focused on innovation and social inclusion, post-development, mobilization and citizen creativity and global-local dialogue.

Adel hopes that this debate can contribute to a better understanding of the importance of social innovation and social technologies in times of crisis. Webinar is one of Adel's strategies to support young entrepreneurs in the face of the crisis caused by Covid-19.

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Sustainable Development in the Rural Environment is the webinar theme of Adel

This Thursday, 04, at 19h, a Local Economic Development Agency (Adel), performs the Sustainable Development in rural development webinar, on your YouTube channel, with the participation of Adalberto Alencar, Consultant in Agroecology and Sustainable Business at U&WE-Sweden and Co-founder of the Popular Educational Cultural Foundation for Environmental Protection (Cepema). The moment will be presented by Adriano Batista, Executive Director of Adel.

Adalberto Alencar is Coordinator at The Land of the Future Network – Latin America and the International City Care Network. He was Curator of Ceará Organic Food Festival, international event held last year, in Fortaleza. The aim of the Festival was to contribute to the construction of a healthier and more sustainable world, enhancing the use of organic food and its entire production and marketing chain.

In the webinar will be discussed the challenges and opportunities in the world of work, with special attention to the entrepreneurship and the youth protagonism and other groups in a situation of socioeconomic vulnerability at this time of the pandemic. Alternatives for promoting sustainable development, addressing customizable business and acting models for communities, but that cause larger-scale impacts.

To participate in the webinar and contribute to this debate, subscribe to the Adel channel youTube and mark the reminder. The webinar is one of Adel's strategies to support young entrepreneurs in the face of the crisis caused by Covid-19.

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New Adel series discusses strategies for the milk production chain in the pandemic

Last Wednesday, 27, at 6 p.m., a Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) started the first episode of the series "Development of the Milk Production Chain" with live chat on the institution's YouTube. The guest of the episode presented by Adriano Batista, Executive Director and Zootechnician of Adel, was the State Executive Manager of Banco do Nordeste (BNB), Jeânia Gomes.

The series is an action that is part of the Project Structuring of the Milk Production Chain carried out by Adel in two territories of Ceará (Middle and Low Jaguaribe and sobral region) in partnership with Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (BNB), through the Territorial Development Program (PRODETER, New).

Every Wednesday, at 6 p.m., the episodes will show strategies and techniques viable and applicable cattle farmers for the structuring of the milk cattle production chain. The series aims to disseminate among milk producers, new knowledge, solutions and technologies social, Environmental, technically and economically enabling a gain in quality, efficiency and adding value to production in the territory.

Next actions of the series

The second episode of the series "Development of the Milk Production Chain" will be next Wednesday, 3, from 18h. The theme will be "The importance of structuring the Milk Production Chain for local development" with the participation of Adel's Director of Development Gláucio Gomes.

Gláucio Gomes is a Specialist in Local Development Management. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, management, Fundraising and evaluation of development programs and projects and corporate sustainability initiatives and private social investment in Brazil.

In addition to the series on YouTube, Adel carries out, from this week, virtual meetings with members of the Territorial Committees of the Middle and Lower Jaguaribe and the Sobral region. The conference link is sent to attendees via WhatsApp. This is another support measure developed by Adel to support milk producers in times of COVID-19 and social isolation. To follow the new episodes of the series, register clicking here!

Adel and BNB finalize Reference Unit in Milk Production

A Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) in partnership with the Bank of the northeast of Brazil (BNB), through the Territorial Development Program (PRODETER, New), have been performing since last year, the Project Structuring of the Milk Production Chain in two territories of Ceará. In the region of the municipality of Sobral, one hundred and twenty-five (125) small milk producers are benefited, including the cities of Irauçuba, Miraíma and Santana do Acaraú.

One of the axes of the Project is the implementation of a Dairy Cattle Reference Unit at the headquarters of the Community Association of Tank Settlers in Santana do Acaraú/CE. A pre-existing facility has been restored and re-adapted, according to the decision of the Territorial Management Committee (Cgt).

The space aims to spread among dairy farmers, new knowledge, social solutions and technologies, Environmental, technically and economically viable and applicable to structuring of the production chain of dairy cattle, allowing a quality gain, efficiency and value aggregation production in the territory.

Construction of the Reference Unit began in February 2011. 2020 and was completed in early April. According to the Executive Director of Adel, Adriano Batista, the spaces were built thinking about the efficiency of the productive activity and the comfort and well-being of the animals. "The Project made a point of using manpower and materials from the, in order to contribute even more to local development. In addition to being a facility that will directly benefit the producers of the Tank Settlement, will be of fundamental importance for the dissemination of knowledge and technologies to more than one hundred producers in other municipalities in the territory", highlights.

The installation consists of spaces such as feed room, milking parlor and waiting corral. In addition to the structures properly reformed, the Unit will gain various equipment, as milking, forage minating machine, silage bagging machine, semen canister, milk cooling tank, feed mixer, among others. A Inauguration of the Unit will be held after the period of social isolation recommended by the World Health Organization (Who) due to Covid-19.

At the end of the Project, the Unit will be donated by Adel and BNB to Tank Settlers Association who will be responsible for managing the space. Within the 10 years will be open for visitation and training of 125 producers benefited by the project. The Unit will be important for the structuring of the Milk Production Chain by becoming a reference in the dissemination of viable socio-environmental solutions and technologies applicable to the context and challenges faced by small producers.

About the project

The activities of the Project Structuring of the Milk Production Chain are divided into three axes: Training, Advice e Broadcast of technologies. The training axis comprises the holding of seminars, Minicourses, field days and exchanges. The advisory axis focuses on the development of business plans, organizational strengthening and the creation of Local Productive Arrangements (APLs). The diffusion axis of technologies proposes the implementation of the Dairy Cattle Reference Unit.

The Project seeks to contribute to the increased productivity and profitability in dairy farming activity in the territory. It aims to expand the technical and management capacities of small rural properties; strengthen organizational structures to increase the effectiveness of economic activity development strategies; e, disseminate among producers knowledge, solutions and technologies that deliver effective results in the short and long term.

Adel conducts webinar on Diversity and Entrepreneurship

This Thursday, 28, at 19h, a Local Economic Development Agency (Adel), performs the Webinar Diversity and Entrepreneurship, on your YouTube channel, with the participation of Richard Sales, Diversity Consultant and Researcher at the School of Communications and Arts, University of São Paulo (Usp). The moment will be conducted by Aurigele Alves, Program Director of Adel.

PhD student in Diversity Policies in organizations at USP, Ricardo Sales is a partner at More Diversity. The organization provides consultancy for the preparation of, monitoring and evaluation of diversity policies in the workplace. Designing strategies for hiring, development and retention of employees representing minority groups, like blacks, women in leadership, LGBTI+, people with disabilities and other.

Ricardo works for clients such as Siemens, Ford, Heineken, Boticário Group, EDP and others. He is part of the team that revolutionized beer communication in the country, serving the Skol brand. He is a board member of itaú's Diversity Committee. He was elected by the Out&Equal one of the most influential Brazilians in the subject of diversity in organizations. He was a fellow of the U.S. Government Department of State and Human Rights Campaign, being recognized as a global leader in the diversity theme. He is also a speaker, professor at the Dom Cabral Foundation, columnist of Você SA magazine and founding member of the diversity and interculturality study group at ECA/USP.

Adel is one of the organizations benefited by the LGBT+ Pride, an initiative of the Itau and the More Diversity. The notice aims to contribute to the implementation of projects that have positive impacts on the LGBTI+ population. In Ceará, Adel carries out the Diversity Project in Entrepreneurship of Rural Young People, that seeks to foster entrepreneurship of these young people who often live in hostile and prejudiced environments, without decent access to the the labour market.

Adel hopes that Ricardo Sales' expertise can encourage and highlight the importance of diversity in all areas of society, with a focus on rural youth entrepreneurship. To participate in the webinar, sign up for Adel YouTube channel and check the reminder.

Webinar is one of Adel's strategies to support young Entrepreneurs in the face of the crisis caused by Covid-19. Register by clicking here!

Adel announces opportunities for professionals in the Northeast

A Local Economic Development Agency (Adel), that operates throughout the Northeast, invests in hiring new employees even in the face of the crisis caused by COVID-19. Initially the open vacancy is for immediate hiring of professionals with interest in acting in the operational and technical support of activities inherent to the area of New Business of the organization, such as deployment and management of socio-environmental projects, in the municipality of Lajes, in Rio Grande do Norte. The contractor may be required to work in other states of the Northeast.

The vacancy of Socio-environmental Analyst has a workload of 40h/weekly, CLT link, with compensatory regime by means of bank hours. Salary is compatible with the function.

Higher Education in the socio-environmental area and/or in related areas, As: Sociology, Agronomy, Domestic Economy, Biology, Geography, Forestry/Environmental Engineering, Agronomic Engineering, Anthropology and Political Science. Minimum professional experience of two years in management of social and environmental projects with a focus on the development of Social Communication Programs. Own ing a National Driver's License (Cnh), category B. Desirable experience in articulation and institutional mobilization with the Third Sector, private sector and governments.

About Adel

Adel is qualified as Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (Oscip) and seeks to develop, through their actions, technical and managerial capabilities with young entrepreneurs and farmers to promote local development in northeastern Brazil.

Through its New Business Board, provides a range of services to companies, governments and other civil society actors to collaborate with their own strategies to promote human and local development, incorporate or disseminate corporate sustainability practices or compensate, monitor and mitigate impacts derived from its operations. The area offers and performs services such as consulting, Advice, management, Management and operationalization of local development projects.

Interested parties should send the CV with wage claim until 12 June 2020 To with the title: Socio-environmental Analyst.

Adel announces opportunity(s s) for professionals in the Northeast
Where: Slabs - RN
As: send resume to
When: Until the day 12 June

Rural Youth create strategies to overcome the crisis caused by coronavirus

Jessica Range, young rural entrepreneur from Serrota, in the municipality of Pentecost/EC

Due to the need for social isolation, including in rural communities, young rural entrepreneurs in the Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER), developed by Adel, are adopting various strategies to circumvent the challenges of everyday life, in the covid-19 crisis scenario.

With Adel's support, through virtual advisories, those who work in agricultural production, developed strategies to market their products during social isolation. This is the case for young people in Caroá Cooperative, that two months ago, started Feira Caroá at Home in Fortaleza, and entrepreneur Jessica Gama, who lives in Serrota, in the municipality of Pentecost/EC.

Jessica, 27, is an agronomist and grows grains, fruit trees and agroecological vegetables on the family property. For her, the time is to reinvent yourself, recreate and reorganize ideas. She believes in the strengthening a sustainable activity in the field and making better use of productive backyards. To ensure an income in this period and healthy foods on the table of consumers, she started selling her products to the families of her community and at the county headquarters. Consumers can order via phone or WhatsApp and products are delivered to their homes, following all hygiene measures recommended by the World Health Organization (Who).

"Sustainable production, a backyard production, is a strong alternative to income and close to home, not to mention home delivery that is favorable for productions and the only alternative for this moment of social distancing. Since I finished adel's entrepreneurship course, my vision for the interior has changed. The place of coziness, but that has its challenges, has become a place of opportunity to undertake. In the backyard of my house there is a cajazeira who already has their more than 15 years of production. That year, I had a new look and decided to reap the fruits and sell", reinforces the young.

Jessica is also marketing the production of corn and beans. Despite some losses in corn crop, bean production exceeded expectations, having considerable demand. The products available this week are cajá, coconut and banana. Orders can be made via phone or WhatsApp: 85 98129 5722.

Sustainability and Family Farming is the theme of Adel's next webinar

This Thursday, 21, at 19h, a Local Economic Development Agency (Adel), performs the Webinar Sustainability and Family Farming, on your channel of the Youtube, with the participation of Luiz Andre Smith, Professor and researcher at the Sustainability Center of Dom Cabral Foundation. The moment will be conducted by Wagner Gomes, Director of business at Adel.

Luiz André is a member of the Adel Advisory Board and has worked in the areas of Sustainability, Shared Value and Institutional Relations of Souza Cruz, Coca-Cola Brazil, VLI Logistics and Renova Foundation, having experience in family farming, strengthening production chains and territorial development. He directed by 13 souza cruz Institute and was coordinator of the Rural Youth Network. Graduated in Social Sciences (UFF) and Masters in Business Administration (COPPEAD/UFRJ).

The virtual meeting will address the opportunities and challenges for rural development in the current scenario, in the midst of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. A family farming is the main producer of food that arrives at the table of Brazilians. Different from monoculture, most family properties produce varied foods, respecting the soil and the ecosystem, and is made by farmers who have on the land their main source of income.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map), the activity involves approximately 4,4 millions of families and is responsible for generating income for 70% of Brazilians in the field. A United Nations (UN) estimates that 80% of all the food on the planet comes from this kind of production.

To participate in the webinar and contribute to this debate, sign up for Adel YouTube channel and check the reminder. Webinar is one of Adel's strategies to support young entrepreneurs in the face of the crisis caused by Covid-19.

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