Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership in schools


With the objective of debating the role of youth in the promotion of local development, the Adel takes place next Thursday, 6 of December, at 8:00, the seminar on Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership in schools, in the Auditorium of the EEEP Alan Pine T, at Pentecost.

The event brought an end to the activities of the project young entrepreneurs and Rural Actors in the schools that is part of the portfolio of actions of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER). At The Seminar, It will be discussed how important entrepreneurship and social protagonism in school. The young, even in a context of great vulnerability, When are stimulated and supported are able to carry out positive actions in their lives and the communities in which they live.

Is what is happening with the beneficiaries of this project. At The Seminar, they will present the Projects that they have produced in the workshop of innovation and Environmental Technologies. The micro projects involve several thematic and were drafted with the aim to contribute to the solution of some challenges found in the school environment.

Among the issues that will be worked in schools, the realization of cultural events, improvements in the quality of school meals, bullying at school, environmental education, public inclusion LGBTQ + in the classroom, combating drugs and empathy in school get-together.

All micro projects seek to create a pleasing harmony between students, Faculty and staff. To participate more actively in School, young people and develop as people, will contribute positively to the school community and local development.

The Project

The project young entrepreneurs and Rural Actors in schools was carried out throughout the year with adolescents and young people, in the age group between 15 e 17 years of age, four schools in the State schools: EEM San Sebastian in Apuiarés; EEM Waldemar Alcântara in São Gonçalo do Amarante; MES Etelvina Gomes Bezerra on Pentecost; e, EEFM Edit Alcantara Bike in General Sampaio.

Total, 400 students were benefited by the project and participated in the workshops: Youth and Human Rights; Sustainability and conservation of the Caatinga; Waters and semi-arid Development; Youth and Rural Leadership; Youth and Rural Entrepreneurship and innovation and Environmental Technologies. They also experienced, at the end of the workshops, Educational exchanges and have developed micro projects that will be implemented in the school where they study.

The project is realized by Adel in partnership with UNESCO and Rede Globo, through the Criança Esperança, and the Council for the defense of the rights of children and adolescents of Ceará (CEDC / EC). It has the support of the Secretariat of the State of Ceará Education (Seduce-EC).

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