Closed II rural entrepreneur exchange of Young

Total, 35 young Program
Rural Youth Entrepreneurship (PEJR), residents in the cities of the Middle Curu
(Apuiarés, Pentecost. General Sampaio and Tejuçuoca) Exchange II participated
the Young Rural Entrepreneur, a study trip in the territory of the Valley
Curu and Aracatiaçu (THIS).
in exchange, young people had the
opportunity to meet and experience other realities, farming techniques and
alternative technologies, that can be applied in their future
enterprises. For one week, they met a number of initiatives
production of fruit crops, permaculture, gardening, sheep industry and tourism
They visited the Irrigation Irrigated
Lower Acaraú and Terminal Port of Pecem, in São Gonçalo do Amarante,
which aims to enable the port activities and operation
integrated industrial.

For the young William Myke, do
municipality of Tejuçuoca, the exchange was one of the best experiences
experienced in your life. "I learned a thousand things this week, I lived unique experiences,
which I never imagined, relearned important feelings for my training
and the collective work. ultimately, I lived one of the best weeks, but the
best, of my life", says the young.

The Young entrepreneur II Interchange
Rural ended on Saturday (04/08), in São Gonçalo do
Amarante, and it was conducted by the Economic Development Agency Local (Adel),
in partnership with the Souza Cruz.

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