Public Schools students participate in Educational Exchange Ceara


The project young entrepreneurs and Rural Actors in the schools, conducted by the Local economic development agency (Adel) in four public education institutions of the State of Ceará, reaches your penultimate stage. After participating in workshops that addressed issues such as sustainable coexistence with the semi-arid, local development, rural entrepreneurship, social role, human rights, management of water resources and living with the climate of the region, students participate in a moment that misrepresents contextualized, interactive and practice the content studied throughout the year: Educational Exchange.

Total, are four exchanges, one for each school attended, carried out with students who participated in the last workshop on innovation and Environmental Technologies. The four days following the same script, a visit to the Botanical State Park of Ceará, located in the municipality of Caucaia (THIS), followed by a moment of leisure and integration of students, teachers and staff of Adel in the SESC of Iparana.

The Park, about 15 km from Fortaleza, was opened in 1998 and represents one of the main symbols of environmental preservation in the State, with an area of 190 acres. The conservation area is home to several native species of flora and fauna in the Northeast region. Has 6 km Ecological trail, where it is possible to visit Orchid nursery, nursery, Garden with medicinal plants, seed bank and meliponário. In all, It has about 185 species of flora and 110 species of wild animals, among birds, mammals and reptiles. The seedling Bank of conservation unit has the capacity to produce 3.000 seedlings per month of native species.


For student Luiz Frederick, school Edit Alcantara Mota, the experience was very positive, an opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the flora and fauna of the region. "What I liked most to know were the plant nurseries and garden that has medicinal plants, and that's just some of the attractions of the botanic park that exceeded my expectations ", highlights.

According to Professor of History, Renato Santos, school teacher Etelvina Gomes Bezerra, the experience of the project is very positive because it implies in the use and development of students ' abilities. “This opportunity to promote exchanges is very important for human and cultural formation of these boys and girls, mostly, would not like having access, If it wasn't provided by projects like this. As a teacher, I'm very happy for each”, highlights.

For the Professor of mathematics at school Edit Alcantara, Galaxy Garcia, the feeling is of extreme gratitude for the contribution that the project has provided students with. "Our students are lacking in initiatives like this, that no doubt was impacting on collective and individual training of each one of them. Take here the thanks in the name of each that makes school Edit Alcantara Mota, the Adel for the opportunity you gave to our students ", emphasizes.


According to project coordinator of Adel, Raquel Ferreira, organize the Exchange was a very rewarding activity. "In addition to learning, It was a moment of interaction and recreation for students, After all they all deserve, for having stood and embraced the project from the beginning. Young people leave happy and excited. Eager and full of expectations for the next activities ", comments.

Have already been carried out exchanges with schools: Edit Alcantara snowmobile General Sampaio, Waldemar Alcantara of São Gonçalo do Amarante and Etelvina Gomes Bezerra de Pentecoste. The next and last will be this Wednesday, 14/11, with the students of the school Are Sebastião de Apuiarés. More than 100 students have participated in the activity, that was also the participation of nine professionals from educational institutions, between teachers and administrators.

The project is part of the portfolio of actions of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER), result of partnerships with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Science and culture) and Rede Globo by Child Hope, e, with the State Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents Ceará (CEDC / EC). It has the support of the Secretariat of the State of Ceará Education (Seduce-EC).

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