Event closes second phase of EDP Renováveis Rural Program

Initiative benefited 40 (40) Family farmers from four rural communities in Rio Grande do Norte

Another phase of the EDP renewable Rural program will be completed tomorrow, 26 of September, in Rio Grande do Norte. Forty (40) Family farmers in the municipalities of Touros and Jandaíra, will receive certificates of participation of the program held in the last year by EDP Renováveis.

The EDP Renováveis Rural program aims to generate work and income for residents of properties surrounding the wind power plants of EDP Renováveis, Through training focused on the competitiveness and sustainability of rural enterprises and fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and the dissemination of social technologies – of production, management and best practices for coexistence with the semi-arid.

The second phase of the program was implemented by the Local Economic development Agency (Adel), Through the new business area, With the support of the National Bank for Economic and Social development (BNDES) and Instituto EDP. Started in April 2018, This phase of EDP Renováveis Rural proposed contributing to the sustainable development of four rural communities (Cabeço, Serra Verde Lagoon, Tubiba and Zabelê), Located in the vicinity of JAU wind power plants and Aventura 1.

The farmers who participated in this second phase of the program were selected after the elaboration of the diagnosis of potentialities and vulnerabilities for rural development, Made by Adel. For the diagnosis, interviews were conducted with farmers and participative Rural diagnostic workshops (DRP) To collect data regarding the vulnerabilities and opportunities of productive establishments. After knowing the demands of farmers, The EDP Renováveis Rural program allowed beneficiaries access to knowledge and various technologies.

Access to knowledge by farmers occurred through workshops, Advisory and technical visits. The workshops addressed several topics. Among them, Property Management, entrepreneurship, Communication and Marketing, Marketing, Rational use of water, Integrated production systems and natural pesticides.

Access to technologies has been implemented through the implementation of the following technologies in the properties of the beneficiaries: Caipira Chicken Production Unit; Cistern "Telhadão"; Honey Agroecological production Unit (Apis); Agroecological production Unit; e, Agroecological production unit of Honeybee Honey Jandaíra. The choice of the implanted technology was defined by the farmer based on his skills and opportunities in the property.

The activities of this second phase also include the articulation and strengthening of networks, Collaborative and cooperative groups and arrangements.

Community Strengthening

Women's group "flavors and endurance"

The EDP Renováveis Rural program contributed directly to the strengthening of the Association of Young agroecologists Friends of Cabeço (Joca) In Cabeço, Jandaíra/RN, Community Association of Lagoa de Serra Verde and group of women of Zabelê, Bulls/RN.

Known as "flavors and resistance", the group formed by women residing in the Quilombo DOS Palmares settlement project (Old Farm Zabelê), began working together in the artisan production of cakes since 2012, idea that arose from the search for an activity that generated occupation, Income and autonomy.

In this last year, With the support of the EDP Renováveis Rural program, Women realized the dream of having the kitchen of the reformed group to function properly, In accordance with the legislation. Still with the support of the program, "Flavors and endurance" women received equipment to improve the quality and quantity of production.

The kitchen started to have ceramic floors and walls, Stainless steel sink, New hydraulic and sanitary installations, Suitable aluminum frames, Which will enable the increase and diversification of products, As well as storing appropriately.

"Nowadays our kitchen is a blessing, We're going to do where to value and not lose our job anymore, Always looking for improvements, Investing in our cakes and group development ", Reinforces D. Maria de Lourdes, Member of the group.

Second phase of the EDP Renováveis Rural program closing event
Day 26 November 2018
From 15h to 18h
Escola Municipal Professor Manoel Edimilson, Tubiba, João Câmara, RN.

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