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Young people. Photo: Stock photos Casa do Rio

This week, the Adel started in partnership with the Casa do Rio, organization that operates in Northern region, entries for the first group of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER). This is the first group of PJER connected outside the northeastern region. Part of the Strategic Alliance signed at the end of 2018 between the two organizations.

The PJER is a social technology created ten years ago by Adel that creates opportunities for young people to engage in their own communities. The program has already benefited in Ceará over 3000 young and consolidates your expansion process this year. In addition to the Amazon, in this second half to entrepreneurial training takes place of Adel PJER in Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte.

The program consists of four (4) components: access to knowledge, oriented credit, strengthening organizational support and access to information and communication technologies. Initially, the young people selected in the Amazonas will participate in the entrepreneurship and Social Leadership Course.

The course brings together information and tools that will assist young people in developing their business projects, both with economic or social purposes. The Business Project is essential to access the other components of the program that will allow the implementation of your ideas.

All the training in the Amazon will be accompanied by programmes of Adel and will feature the work of two young people, Alexandra Guimarães, 20, and Tiago Lima, 20, both the municipality Careiro Castanho (Am), who were participating in the period from April to July of this year of an Exchange in Adel.

Young people were in Pentecost, not Ceará, where were formed the first classes of the PJER, knowing successful experiences in the area of rural entrepreneurship in the municipality and in other neighbouring localities. Beyond the technical learning, the exchange allowed the sharing of experiences with young people who are giving a new face to the hinterland and developing its projects and communities.

Young returned to Careiro Brown day 14 July to begin the mobilization process and selection for PJER's gang in the State of Amazonas. In a first step, will be selected 25 young people from Careiro Brown and around the BR-319 to participate in entrepreneurship and Social Leadership Course. "For the first time we went out of our region and of our comfort zone in pursuit of change and contribute to the development in our locality. It was a new experience and incredible ", Finalizes Alexandra Guimarães.

"I believe that the education changes the world, because it changes people. So, in this next semester, We can take this technology to the Amazon, for people who are also no prospects there in the locality, can be protagonists of his stories. Have the opportunity to be one of the forerunners of the local development in my city makes me feel a pride too large ", Thiago Lima emerges.

About registration

Entries for the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER) in the Amazon are open until the day 09 of August. May be eligible young people aged 18 e 32 years, who have completed high school and reside in the municipality Careiro Castanho and/or in the surroundings of the BR-319.

The registration and the course are free and will be held at our training centre of Knowledge of the forest (Amaras Site, Manaquiri road), with the beginning of the activities planned for the day 2 of September. Interested parties may fill in the registration form online (, or perform the inscription on our headquarters (AV Manoel Gadelha s/n, District, Careiro/AM).

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