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The Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) makes public entries for the diversity project and Entrepreneurship of young rural, action that integrates the strategies of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER) developed 10 years by the Organization and selected by the National LGBT notice + ITA Social pride in 2018.

The diversity project and Entrepreneurship Rural youth is the first initiative of Adel focusing exclusively for the LGBT community +. Search contribute to the access of 25 LGBT youth + of rural communities in the municipalities of Pentecost, Apuiarés, Tejuçuoca, Paracuru and São Gonçalo do Amarante, not Ceará, the knowledge, credit, collaborative networks and technologies that enable them to undertake and remain with quality of life in their communities.

The inclusion of LGBT youth socioprodutiva + is one of the challenges in the Brazilian semi-arid region. Several young people living in rural areas, in situation of social vulnerability, daily deal with the hostility of this context that creates barriers so that they can work and generate income for themselves.

Most of these young people are intimidated, dealing with conflicts in their families and suffer daily with the exclusion, with prejudice, with the violation of their rights, difficulty of access to education and the labour market. By not finding support in their territory, they are the first to migrate to urban centres.

Entrepreneurship is an alternative to LGBT youth + remain in their territory. Is a strategy that gives young people greater autonomy to be protagonists of their lives and the communities in which they live. Through this project, the Adel aims along with partners to create opportunities for positive social mobility and the guarantee of fundamental freedoms to the LGBT youth + living in rural areas.

Can participate young people aged 18 e 32 years, with high school completed and residing in one of the five counties included in the project. Entries are online ( or at the headquarters of Adel and are open until 26 of April.

How does the project

The diversity project and Entrepreneurship Rural youth will be held over 2019 by Adel and includes in addition to training in leadership and entrepreneurship, assistance in the development of business projects, access to credit and management.

The first activity that participates to the project is the ongoing Role and Rural Entrepreneurship. The course has four (4) modules, accounting for 110 credit/hours. The course will be taught workshops on Local development, Rural Entrepreneurship, Financial Education, Planning and management, Production administration and operational management, Marketing and Leadership and social and environmental Entrepreneurship.

The formative stage of the program also includes focal meetings, Advisory sessions, lectures, collective mentorias, individual tutorials and panels for presentation of Business Projects. Young people are also encouraged to cooperate and collaborate with each other, among its initiatives, for the formation of local productive arrangements (APLs), as contributions to local development.

About the initiative

This project is the result of the National LGBT notice + Pride aims to encourage the development of initiatives that support and encourage the visibility, Security and respect for LGBT people +, with institutional support of Itaú Unibanco in partnership with the Most Diversity consulting.

Through this initiative the Adel seeks foster the development of business enterprises and rural socio-environmental impact, providing LGBT young people + access to the components of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER).

THE PJER, created by Adel on 2009, is the Alliance between four (4) components: access to knowledge, oriented credit, support in strengthening organizational and access information and communication technologies. More than 1000 young entrepreneurs have been supported by the programme and about 90% These young people remain in their communities. This year the PJER is also in the process of expansion to the Amazon.

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