Young takes leadership position in rural community

Brena coordinates the seed House MandacaruBrena de Araújo, 21, born and raised in the rural community of Middle Site, about 14 km from the seat of the municipality of Pentecost (THIS). Daughter of Raymond Callaghan, 69, and Bibek Shah, 53, is the older of two sisters and current leader of the Community Association for community development (ADESCO).

Since 2017, Brena holds the position of coordinator of ADESCO. Get the position of community leadership was a challenge for her. Even following along with your sister, Agus, 20, the parents in the community meetings, She tells that this path was not easy.

Brena and your family are examples of social actors

"The meeting has been scheduled to assemble the Board and in front of my activities, Despite having only 17 at the time, I applied for to be Coordinator. But other supporters of the other candidate they told my father that I wasn't supposed to go, because it was better, a young woman wouldn't realize, was a man. Stared at it as a challenge in which bordered it and won. "

The motivation came from community involvement from your child. "I've always liked history, sometimes spent hours talking to older people learning about a little of everything, mainly about the place where I was born,"tells Barta. Still at school, She discovered your passion for drawing, hobby that has become your main source of income after completing high school in 2014.

"I spent working with crafts, making designs in tile and plaster and participate in the Association as a listener ". In the subsequent year she was Treasurer of the Association and in that period he attended several trainings. From there to here, the only opportunities increase and the involvement of Brena also. In 2015, She took over the coordination of the Mandacaru Seed House, built by the seeds of the Semi-arid Brazilian semi-arid region joint (ASA). In the second half of 2015, young participated in an Exchange showing the seed project in another city.

In 2016, Brena organized in their own community exchange with members of other houses of Seeds of Ceará. In the same year, She joined the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER) the Adel and participated in the course in Entrepreneurship and business management. Developed a Business Project with a focus on crafts and went on to produce handicrafts for hire.

In the same year, Brena and your father rode a small meliponário around House with eight populated boxes of bees jandaíras and involved the whole family in this activity. "Ever since I was little I listened my parents agreed that human beings had to know a little bit of everything, because on the difficulties we could ' migrate ' to another to supplement his income ".

Brena's dream is to strengthen even more community activities, Open a physical store to expose the craft products, and expand the production of honey in partnership with your father. Second Brena, the experiences in the family, in the community and at school motivate him to be "a woman leader, enterprising, a mother, wife, and I don't see this issue of being a woman, being unable to perform an activity in my community ".

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