Young benefited by Adel participates in the CowParade

Son Light, creator of the project “Wake up – CowParade 2018

The young son Light, 23, Canafístula natural, rural community in the municipality of Apuiarés is one of the artists participating in the 12th edition of CowParade, one of the biggest open-cast art events in the world, whose goal is to democratize the art through the cultural inclusion. Selected artists use as support a cow sculpture made in fiberglass and size. They are exposed on public roads, allowing free assessment.

Son participated in a selection with more than 300 artists and was one of the 50 selected with the project “The Rope” which speaks of the dawn of the outback, playing with the name “rope”, Since initially the idea was to only use this material in the customization of sculpture.

All the selected shared the workspace and its productions were held for two weeks in shopping Iguatemi. To make the wake up, were used just over 400 m of sisal ropes. "I could have bought the ropes in Fortaleza, a sisal rope industrial, softer, easier to work. However I chose the interior chords, the local shops, a dry rope, lasts, rough, but that represents better my concept ", highlights the artist.

He also highlights that realized sculpture more than a screen, remembering the term used within “the ox takes up the scream”. Wake up represents a mystic being, so the details in gold, the hinterland, seen many times how fragile, dry, hot, but that remains firm and strong, How sisal fibers attached.

Second Son, "Wake up" speaks of the dawn of the outback, the arid landscape, of vegetation, the simplicity of the Middle. “The design made in sisal rope portrays the rough texture of drought in contrast with the beauty provided, the Union of individuals and the strength of the backcountry. The Golden details give a tone of divinity, a mystic being, that sustains the world. And the rattle is the Annunciation, symbol of good news, warning that the cow is passing and it's time to wake up”.

“Wake up”, sculpture developed by Son Light

Child care as it is difficult to be "artist" inside and still don't see how a. The young man reveals that he always liked art and culture, but believes that there is still a very strong barrier for who is the rural area. "Join the Cowparade was very interesting. Is in the middle of a crowd that is already recognized as an artist, was challenging. At the beginning, When I started to put the first ropes, I don't think anyone believed it would leave something interesting, but left!"

In 2011, young participated in the Sertão of the Arts Program, performed by Popular Canafístula cooperative School, where he met more about drawing, Serigraphy and photography. In 2012 He joined the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER) developed by Adel, in order to work with art/design. "I developed a project with screen printing, but I wasn't mature enough to leave the paper. At the end of the course I started College systems and digital media at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), distancing some House "comments.

Today Son travels to various art forms, is digital designer, Illustrator, craftsman, already developed projects with wood, clay, rope and is now venturing into the hand embroidery. Together with a friend, is building a new entrepreneurship project, a species of agency with two segments: communication and culture. With a focus on Middle Junin, the idea is to boost and strengthen cultural groups, elaborate projects involving cultural theme and work with digital media.

The event

It is estimated that more than 500 millions of people have found themselves with at least one of the works of 97 editions of the CowParade, recorded in 33 countries. Painters, sculptors, artisans, Architects, designers, graffiti artists, Visual Artists, amateurs or professionals passionate about art and interested in expressing your talent and creativity are part of this project. Around the world, more of 10.000 artists have participated in the CowParade.

At the end of each edition, the sculptures are auctioned and the income is rolled back as donation to charities. In this way, the cows meet multiple functions: value the surroundings, expand access to art, promote new artists, and sensitize people to social causes. The cows will be available to visitors until 16/12 in shopping Iguatemi, in Fortaleza.

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