Young Tejuçuoca undertakes and collaborates with local development

Since 2018, Aury began to invest in poultry

Aury Magalhães, 23, lives in the community of the Stone Creek, distant 12 km from the seat of the municipality of Tejuçuoca, not Ceará. Before he and his family lived in the community in the same Joy municipality. The place where he lived as a child says a lot about the young man who welcomed us with a wide smile and confident to undertake was a very important step in your life.

Fatherless at the age of three, learned as a child, with Grandpa, working in agriculture. As the eldest of three brothers, also shared with the mother many responsibilities. "He took care of the brothers, cooked, kept the House, all very well done, so that one of these days he won an award at an event of Tejuçuoca, best cook. My son has always been very dedicated in everything ", reports with pride dona Fátima, mother of Aury.

Aury completed high school in 2012 and in the same year he led a religious event of Youth Ministry. The event was your first action with other young people from Creek rocks and a milestone in your life. Finished high school and without success in entrance exams, soon saw the need to work, getting several invitations to come and live in the State capital.

"Despite receiving proposals for work outside, as some friends also received and have been, I chose to stay. My desire was to continue in the community and invest in something. I approached most of the pastoral and community. So many ideas have emerged, reopen associations, go to College, Open a business, but there was no financial conditions and or knowledge of how would put into practice ", Bill young.

In 2014, Aury worked in a shop in the town and after a year he realized he needed to carry out other projects in your life. "This experience served to strengthen my will to undertake and apply aspirations that were just in my head. I walked away for good work and started to seek new opportunities to learn and invest "says.

In the search for knowledge, Aury knew Rural young entrepreneur program (PJER) by Adel, through the Department of Agriculture of Tejuçuoca, e, soon signed up. "When I heard about the Program didn't know him nor Adel, I researched them and I was quite interested in participating ". Aury as entrepreneurial training gave him not only new knowledge and ideas, but I did see the opportunities of the territory.

In PJER, He elaborated a project of business geared toward horticulture, but due to the dry season, Since 2018 started to invest in poultry. Bought some birds and started to sell them alive and slaughtered. In the same year, Aury built a new chicken coop and now plans to invest in the production of eggs redneck.

Aury next to your girlfriend, HELLEN, and your mother, Fatima

In addition to devote to your project, main family income, It acts on Youth Ministry and plans to expand your business and continue with the social projects in the community. "I'm seeking new funding to invest in my project, but I intend to also join in College, Act in the Dcfs of Tejuçuoca and continue the projects with children and young people at the Creek. I want to help all the local kids ".

Aury expects your endeavor is consolidated in the coming years and to follow with the development of your community. Dreams of attending your college to acquire new knowledge and enhance their activities.

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