Amazon youth participate in exchanges in Ceará

Alexandra Guimarães, Tiago Lima and Aurigele Alves, Program Director Adel. Photo: Malone Oliveira

The Alliance signed between the Local economic development agency (Adel) and Casa do Rio, where one of the actions aimed at replicating in the Amazon the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER), social technology developed by Adel, provided the arrival of two young people for an Exchange that has allowed the exchange of experiences between young people who are giving a new face to the sertão cearense.

To be young in the interior of the country is challenging. Alexandra Guimarães, 20, and Tiago Lima, 20, both the municipality Careiro Castanho (Am), are in Pentecost (THIS) Since April this year, where they will be until Sunday (14) July knowing successful experiences in the area of rural entrepreneurship in the municipality and in other neighbouring localities. The teens were welcomed and are accompanied by Adel.

James and Alexandra at the launch of the book All Can Undertake the Adel. Photo: Lia de Paula

During the period, they met the territory of Ceará and learned about the processes of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER), It's developed 10 years ago by Adel. Second Gláucio Gomes, Organization Development Director, Amazon brings a very particular social reality, but with challenges and opportunities with points of similarity to the experienced in the semi-arid Northeast Brazil. The idea is that young people become bridges between these two territories.

"Challenges such as migratory pressure, rural exodus, little structured value chains, even in scenarios with various economic potentials and offering avenues for new business creation. Is a high resiliency environment for teenagers, young people and farmers, in which the demands for knowledge, credit, networks and technologies are quite similar, Although they are not the same ", stresses Ugis.

James and Alexandra participated in the formation of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER) not Ceará. Photo: Malone Oliveira

Beyond the technical learning, the Exchange seeks to allow the sharing of experiences with young people who are giving a new face to the hinterland and developing its projects and communities. "For the first time we went out of our region and of our comfort zone in pursuit of changes to contribute with the development in our locality. Being a new and amazing experience. Everyday is a new learning will be contributing to our growth ", commemorates Alexandra Guimarães, young amazonense that participates in the Exchange.

The idea is to return to Careiro, they can act as monitors PJER educational in the Amazon.

About the Alliance between Adel and Casa do Rio

The strategic alliance between the two organizations was signed at the end of 2018. The Adel undertook to support the institutional development of the House of the river so that the entity can be an advanced point of experimentation and implementation of projects and methodologies developed by Adel in the context of the Amazon.

Activities related to strategic alliance started with the visit of the program director of Adel, Aurigele Alves, the headquarters of the Casa do Rio, in Careiro Brown, in the Amazon. A moment of recognition, to learn about the Casa do Rio, their perspectives and strategies, and for the exchange of information and knowledge about both organizations. In February of this year, Thiago Cavalli, Executive Director of Casa do Rio, was at the headquarters of Adel in Pentecost (THIS), continuing the partnership.

The Casa do Rio promotes education, income generation for the sustainable development and conservation of biodiversity. Also supports the transformation of the socioeconomic reality of the forest people, respecting the cultural aspects, the traditional knowledge and technological.

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