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Today (4), the members of the Project diversity and Entrepreneurship Rural youth presented their business projects in the area of Training of entrepreneurs, at Pentecost (THIS). The process of entrepreneurial training culminates with the preparation and presentation of this project to develop and draft new business models or existing.

The business project is a condition for access to the financial resources of the Fund Trails, productive Microcredit Fund destined exclusively for young rural members of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER). The background is a strategy that seeks to facilitate the creation and/or the development of rural enterprises in the semi-arid cearense, promoting inclusion socioprodutiva of these young people with entrepreneurial and, Consequently, contributing to the social and economic development of their communities and municipalities. The credit enables the ideas of projects out of the paper and they begin to act concretely.


The performances were evaluated by a panel composed of Aurigele Acharya, Program Director Adel, Raquel Ferreira, Adel Programs Coordinator and Rafael Marques, young entrepreneur which acts in the area of information technology in the municipality of Pentecost. Second Aurigele, the young pored over ideas that fill the niche markets that are open, by harnessing their skills and dreams. "We believe in the potential and entrepreneurial action of them and we're eager to see the projects in action", highlights the Principal. One of the ideas presented are: Flintstones, cafeteria, stamping, craft products, clothing, beauty parlor and confectionery.

Lino, young entrepreneur Apuirés

Lino, 21, resides in Apuiarés and account that, to start the course in Entrepreneurship and Social Role, had some ideas, but in the course of training began to see what more fit to your reality. "I had a lot of uncertainty about what to do, but with the help of Adel and my new partner, Ana Livia (also a member of the project), We had the idea to mount a store and printing, It's called Free Pattern: Stamping Smiles ". Lay a great niche market to explore in the municipality. He and Ana Livia dream of making the enterprise an opportunity to generate employment and income for other Lgbt young people in the region.

The formative process of the project diversity and Entrepreneurship of young rural attended seminars, tutoring and mentoring sessions and workshops that addressed issues essential to the promotion of entrepreneurship, whether business or social and environmental measures. In view of the hostile context and resilience in rural LGBT young men + are inserted, the Alliance between entrepreneurship and social protagonism creates real alternatives of trajectories for positive social mobility and guarantee fundamental freedoms.

The formative stage of the project officially ends tomorrow (5), with the Resilience and Development Seminar location – A debate about the role and cooperation of rural LGBT youth +, held at school Alan Pine T, located in R. Maria Menezes Furtado, 105 -Vila Nova, Pentecost (THIS). The event is open to the public and has entries available at the following link:

About the project

The diversity project and Entrepreneurship of young rural integrates the activities of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER) the Local economic development agency (Adel). It is strategy that integrates four components, providing access for young people benefit from the knowledge, credit, collaborative networks and technologies. The project is performed with institutional support of ITA and More Diversity consulting.

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