Workshops on technical and managerial development assist farmers in Rio Grande do Norte

Local producers access knowledge through workshops

Since September, the Economic Development Agency Local (Adel) conducts training workshops with farmers on technical and managerial development of its small farms in Rio Grande do Norte. Participants are beneficiaries of the program EDP renewables Rural – social program organized by EDP renewables in four communities in the municipalities of Bulls and Jandaíra, in Rio Grande do Norte.

The formative stage of the program seeks to expand capacity by individuals, with a focus on educational processes. Through various learning methods, the farmers and farmers have access to new knowledge and the means to combine modern and innovative solutions with their traditional knowledge, in many cases, empirical in nature.

These processes go beyond pedagogical workshops and field days (technical and practical learning). The Adel seeks to provide access to knowledge also by non-traditional means, as the exchange of knowledge and experiences between local actors (Exchange sessions) and sessions and meetings of technical advice, in that, from the interaction between the farmers(is) and specialized professionals, learning is generated.

These activities allow the farmers(is) Learn more about new means of production and management, e, on the strategies of resilience in the field. Every opportunity to interact with new knowledge, whether relating to technical experts or with their peers, is a real possibility to learn something that will be useful and important in the improvement of its production practices, management of rural establishments, in driving the marketing of the products of their agricultural enterprises etc..

In this sense, interaction is the key element in the process of formation. In the specific context of Rural EDP renewables Program, This scope of individual capacities is the small rural property, in that, in General, family farming is practiced.

Applied workshops

Have been carried out in the communities of Serra Verde Lagoon, Tubiba, Zabelê and Cabeço workshops on Associative and Entrepreneurship, Property management, Produção de Galinha Caipira e Comunicação para a comercialização almejando-se a maior assimilação e aplicação do conteúdo no dia a dia das famílias. The workshops enabled participants to understand the contents of playful and cooperative way, stimulating the farmers and farmers to find out your real profile entrepreneur and the associative potential of communities.

Visit to the backyards of small farms during the workshop on creation of free-range chickens, Tubiba community, Bulls (RN)

Maira Zanduzzo, Environmental Manager in EDP renewables highlights the importance of knowing the local reality: "It gets in all the communities and do a study on the type of production that they have, how it works, what generates income, What is the social dynamics, how they are organized. With this, We can do this from a well-established methodology, define which types of social actions we perform and who will be the beneficiaries ".

This moment provided, still, visits to the backyards of two properties. Participants were able to identify the features of creation of free-range chickens for family, observing facilities, health management and feeding of animals. The activity allowed greater interaction between residents, generating exchange of experiences and promoting new learnings and practices.

The farmer José Paulino, owner of one of the gardens visited, stresses the importance of the workshop: "Activity was very interesting, conquered new knowledge in a practical and simple. Understanding the relationship with water, the food, cleaning. Through the tips we can see what you missed and improve ".

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