Opportunity for young Rural Entrepreneurs


This year, from may, the Economic Development Agency Local (Adel) held with young rural entrepreneurs have benefited by the program Young Rural Entrepreneur (PJER) several training activities, advice and mentoring to assist in the development of your projects.

Is an advanced step PJER seeking to contribute to the sustainability of business and the role of young people in the territory. The goal is to help young entrepreneurs are protagonists and leaders in their communities. Most of these young people express interest and there are opportunities in their lines of business, but still need support to connect their business projects with local development strategies-with opportunities and existing vocations in the context.

Can participate in this stage of PJER, young people benefited by the program with an active enterprise with economic or social bias in the territory and residing in one of the nine municipalities of action – PJER Apuiarés, Caucaia, General Sampaio, Paracuru, Pentecost, São Gonçalo do Amarante, São Luís do Curu, Tejuçuoca and Umirim. Registration is open until 30 April and can be performed by using the online form, available in the following link: https://forms.gle/BReQLwfzuYL2KwHr7

The selection is through the analysis of the registration form and in-person interviews with Adel. Total, 60 young rural entrepreneurs will benefit. The projects must be in the following categories: production, service, trade and social area.

Advanced step PJER

This advanced stage of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER) seeking to expand the technical capabilities, practice and management of young rural entrepreneurs benefit from Program. Young people participate in throughout the year of two formations and have access to a set of tools, information and knowledge considered essential for the development of a business or a project of social impact in rural areas.

The basic training consists of four workshops and a visit in loco project diagnostic. In advanced training, young people will study on strategies, Finance, marketing, management, among other topics. In addition to the formative process, entrepreneurs will have advice of Adel and will participate in seminars and fairs focusing on the line of action of each project.

Young people also receive support in the development of local productive arrangements (APLs). Once outlined, the Adel assist in planning stages, structuring and administrative organisation, legal and accounting of these initiatives in order to contribute to the development of the territory.

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