PJER closes another training in Ceará

This Friday, 11, a Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) Concludes the formation of another class of Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER). The closing ceremony and the delivery of certificates to the young graduates of the entrepreneurship and Social Protagonism course takes place at the state School of professional education Alan Pinho Tabosa, on Pentecost/EC, From 8h. The event has the participation of young people's relatives, Adel's Partners and team.

This is already the sixteenth class of the PJER held in Ceará. Near 26 Students conclude the formative stage and may access the other components of the program, Consisting of the alliance between four (4) Axes: access to knowledge, oriented credit, strengthening organizational support and access to information and communication technologies.

During this week they recapitulated the learned knowledge and presented today, 10, Their business projects to an evaluative bankroll. The bank was composed by Aurigele Alves, Program Director of Adel, Raquel Ferreira, Project Coordinator of Adel, Ali Baba, Project specialist at Adel and Clécia Moraes, Young beneficiary of the PJER. The goal of banking is to help young people in structuring their ideas, Generating questionings and suggestions for improvements.

Banking Evaluadora

The class was very engaged during the formative process, Promoting synergy in different areas of activity. During the training the product show and the exchanges of ideas among young people were essential for mutual growth. Business projects are diverse, With proposals for both the agricultural area, and the supply of products and services of different segments. We highlight the production of vegetables in an agroecological way, creation of free-range chickens, Crafts, Environmental Consultancy, Clothing Sale, Confectionery, Decoration and Events.

Aurineide Barbosa thinks of developing a store in the Plus Size segment

For Aurineide Barbosa, The PJER emerged as an opportunity. She always had the desire to undertake and think about developing a store in the segment Plus Size In the municipality of Apuiarés/CE. "I lacked knowledge about business, Sales, Planning and Management. Here it was possible to learn about all this, I'm happy and grateful for the opportunity, As well as completing this step of the program ", Highlights Aurineide.

About PJER

The Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER) Celebrates this year its 10 Years of operations in Ceará. It has more than 3 Thousand beneficiaries and R $ 650 Thousand invested in youth ventures. This year, The activities of the PJER go beyond the boundaries of the Cearense Sertão.

After acting in nine municipalities of Ceará and start their expansion process to the Amazonas, In partnership with the NGO Casa do Rio, The PJER will be replicated in two (2) schools, One in the municipality of Parazinho and another in São Miguel do Gostoso, Partnership and social investment of Brookfield Energias Renewables. The program forms and supports rural young people so that they become entrepreneurs and protagonists in the communities where they live.

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