PJER in Amazonas initiates formative stage

In the last second (2), a Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) and the Casa do Rio Began the stage of formation of the first class of the Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER) in the Amazon. The entrepreneurship and Social Protagonism course is being held at the Forest Knowledge Training Center (Amaras Site, Manaquiri road) and gathers 25 Youth in the municipality of Careiro Castanho and surrounding the BR-319.

The course gathers information and tools that will help young people in the elaboration of business projects for the creation or development of their ventures, Whether they are for economic purposes or social impact. The Business project is essential to access the other components of the program, That will allow the implementation of the ideas developed during the training.

The mobilization and selection process for the PJER class, In the North region, With the action of the young Amazonian Alexandra Guimarães, 20, and Tiago Lima, 20, both the municipality Careiro Castanho (Am), Who attended an exchange at Adel, The methodology of the program and the performance of young rural entrepreneurs from Ceará.

The entire process of replication of the PJER in Amazonas is being monitored by Adel, Who shares his expertise, Acquired during the ten years in which it has implemented and developed social technology with young. This initial week, Aurigele Alves, Evilene Abreu and Fábia Oliveira, Director of Programs, Director of Communication and project assistant at Adel, respectively, In Amazonas to contribute to the implementation of the Base cycle that follows until Friday (6).

To Thiago Cavalli, Executive Director of Casa do Rio, The Pjer is a great opportunity for young Amazonian, Living in such a vast land, But with so few prospects. "Undertaking is a possible path, As shown in this Adel program. Undertake with sustainability, Keeping the forest and its culture alive – The commitment of the Casa do Rio – Is the challenge of the PJER in Amazonas. Let's Go together, Building these bridges for youth ", Reinforces Thiago.

Second Gláucio Gomes, Director of Development Adel, This is a new stage in the development of the Organization, That understands the PJER as a social technology that can be applied in the various regional and local contexts in Brazil, In which young people in socio-economic vulnerability need to deal with many challenges, Develop resilience as a human capacity, So that they can become protagonists in their own lives and in positive transformations in their communities. "Young people from the Amazon, As well as young people from the semiarid of northeastern Brazil, Are heavily presaged to migrate to larger cities in search of immediate jobs. Young people who would be important actors for local development, By using their talents and skills in ventures and projects in their own territories ", Emphasizes Gláucio.

About PJER
The PJER is a social technology created in 2009 By Adel that creates opportunities for young people to employ in their own communities. The program has already benefited in Ceará over 3.000 young and consolidates your expansion process this year. In addition to the Amazon, in this second half to entrepreneurial training takes place of Adel PJER in Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte.

The program consists of four (4) components: access to knowledge, oriented credit, Support and protection networks and technologies. Its reapplication in Amazonas results from the partnership signed between Adel and Casa do Rio at the end of 2018.

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