Production of free-range chickens contributes to the development of rural communities

Workshop on production of free-range chickens, held in Tubiba, Bulls (RN), the training workshops seeking the expansion of capabilities by beneficiaries

A year ago the Local economic development agency (Adel) performs the activities of Rural EDP renewables Program, the EDP renewables, in four rural communities in the municipalities of Jandaíra and Bulls in Rio Grande do Norte. Among the 40 beneficiaries of the program, 17 families were covered with experimental units for production of free-range chickens.

The production of free-range chickens is a typical activity of family agriculture, practiced many times without the care required for a good development of the activity. Unfortunately, few families in the semi-arid know the key practices that can contribute to the sustainability of poultry farming.

The creation of free-range chickens need constant attention, with realization of regular cleaning of feeders and waterers to avoid the presence and proliferation of disease. Other points to be measured are the productive management, the care with the power and purpose of creation (for the production of eggs, beef or both), basic requirements for good economic results.

Gonçalo Francisco, farmer and chicken farmer of Zabelê, Bulls (RN)

The Adel, through the Rural EDP renewables Program, discusses with the families production techniques of free-range chickens which allow for a sustainable management of the activity. The Zabelê community, your Gonçalo Francisco, 78, already points out that the uses suggested practices in workshops and EDP renewables program Rural consultants, conducted by Adel, have contributed positively to the development of the activity. "The creation of free-range chickens have a future provided that we know work. Now we have to follow the guidance of technicians to work out and improve our situation ", highlights Gonçalo.

About the Program
The Social Rural EDP renewables Program is an initiative of Brazil that seeks to strengthen EDP renewables the activities of producers living in the vicinity of the wind farm complexes of the company. Currently on your second phase that is run by the Local economic development agency (Adel), in four communities in the municipalities of Bulls and Jandaíra, in Rio Grande do Norte, in the surroundings of the wind farms JAU and Adventure 1.

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