Design of Adel is selected in national edict "+ LGBT Pride"

Program Director of Adel, Aurigele Alves

“Diversity in Entrepreneurship Rural youth” is the name of the newest project of Adel selected in National LGBT notice + Pride of the Itáu Unibanco in partnership with the Most Diversity consulting. The announcement was made today, 30/11, in Forum Out & Equal Brazil, event global reference in this matter, in São Paulo (SP).

The LGBT notice + Pride aims to encourage the development of initiatives that support and encourage the visibility, Security and respect for LGBT people +. One of the 310 proposals submitted, the project of Adel came in second and will receive financial support of R$ 50 thousand to contribute to the inclusion of LGBT youth socioprodutiva + of the hinterland of Ceará. The project House of Deny, from Fortaleza, was also a finalist of the notice. The Deny is a space for culture and formation of black LGBT women + on the outskirts of the capital of Ceará.

Yesterday, 29/11, the Director of the institution's Programs, Aurigele Alves, presented the proposal for a banking formed by experts of ITA, More Diversity consulting and representatives of LGBT community +. The selection criteria considered were issues such as regional representation and operations in conjunction with other pillars of diversity, how race and ethnicity, genus, people with disabilities, age, generations and refugees, as well as the cultural, educational, or social sports.

Representatives of the four winning projects of the notice + LGBT Pride

All the institutional community is very happy for the result Adel and in contributing to a more just and inclusive society. "It's a historic moment in my life and the institution. Have the opportunity to work with the LGBT community + is a source of pride and gratitude. Also the variety of gorgeous designs from all over the country during the Forum Out & Equal Brazil encourages us even more. We have a value proposition to work in 2019 and that will generate opportunities for all can undertake ", emphasizes Aurigele.

"Diversity in Rural Youth Entrepreneurship"

The Project “Diversity in Entrepreneurship Rural youth "will support in 2019, 25 LGBT youth + of rural communities in the municipalities of Pentecost, Apuiarés, Tejuçuoca, Paracuru and São Gonçalo do Amarante, in the semi-arid cearense, so they can identify opportunities to undertake in the territory in which they live.

LGBT youth living in these municipalities + are quite vulnerable to prejudice and pressured to migrate to urban centres. With the project, the Adel seeks foster the development of business enterprises and rural socio-environmental impact, providing LGBT youth + access to knowledge, credit, collaborative networks and technologies.

The project is part of the actions of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER), developed by the institution for nine years. Is the first initiative on behalf of the LGBT community +.

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