Seminar ends project with public schools of Ceará

Opening of the seminar

The seminar on Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership in schools, whose theme was the work of teenagers and young people in the promotion of Local development, realizado ontem (06/12), na EEEP Alan Pinho Tabosa, em Pentecoste/CE, encerrou as atividades de formação do projeto Jovens Empreendedores e Protagonistas Rurais nas Escolas desenvolvido pela Adel no âmbito do Programa Jovem Empreendedor Rural (PJER).

Twelve (12) micro projects drawn up by groups of students from four schools met: EEM San Sebastian in Apuiarés; EEM Waldemar Alcântara in São Gonçalo do Amarante; MES Etelvina Gomes Bezerra on Pentecost; e, EEFM Edit Alcantara Bike in General Sampaio, were presented at the Seminar. Eight (8) of them, were exposed on banners and the four (4) top rated, one of each school, did an oral presentation.

The micro projects include cultural events, improvements in the quality of school meals, bullying at school, environmental education, public inclusion LGBTQ + in the classroom, combating drugs and empathy in school get-together. Estudantes da EEM Waldemar Alcântara em São Gonçalo do Amarante elaboraram o projeto “Inclusão do Público LGBTQ+ na Escola”.

Exposure of micro projects

"Our project seeks above all to accept people as they are, is sexual orientation, of genre, religion, race. We want to hold talks that underscore the respect within the classroom, because I believe that what we learn in the room bring to life ", emphasizes the young Luiz Felipe Ferreira.

In addition to the exposure of micro projects for young people, the Adel presented the results achieved throughout the year and the activities that enabled the introduction, in four high schools, of topics that demonstrate to students the opportunities and alternatives for staying in rural areas with quality of life. Project workshops addressed the themes of sustainable coexistence with the semi-arid, local and rural entrepreneurship development, While cross-cutting issues, in the education context.

For Luiz Breno Pereira, MES student São Sebastião of Apuiarés, the project allowed a multidisciplinary knowledge. "I found the rich project, because he worked various topics. As had several workshops, opened a broad knowledge for me. I saw that Adel was very well prepared to do what she proposed when he was talking with the Director and has partnered with the College, I really enjoyed this experience "highlights.

Prof. the Dalvani Castro, EEFM Edit Alcantara Mota; Tony Precious, MES Director San Sebastian; Prof.. Caniggia Ram, CODEA pedagogical management Advisor/SEDUC; e, Adriano Batista, Executive Director of Adel deliver certificates to the representatives of the teams of the micro projects (From left to right)

Participated in the culmination of the project students, teachers, managers of schools benefited, team members of Adel and partners of the institution. Both celebrated the achievements and shared the desire to give continuity to the project.

The opening of the event was made up of the Chief Executive Officer of Adel, Adriano Batista; Prof.. Caniggia Ram, CODEA pedagogical management Advisor, representative of the Board of education of the State of Ceará (SEDUC); Agnes Mapurunga, representative of project coordination São José (III) developed by the Ministry of agrarian development (SDA); Maria S, President of the Municipal Council for the rights of children and adolescents (CMDCA) of Pentecost; Rina Braga, Coordinator of the CRAS of Pentecost; Elton Light, EEEP Director Alan Pine T; Tony Precious, MES Director San Sebastian; Roberto Lima, Director of EEM Etelvina Gomes Bezerra; the Secretary Anísio Smith and Prof. the Dalvani Castro, both representing the directors of the respective partner schools and Waldemar Alcântara and EEFM Edit Alcantara Mota .


Prof.. Caniggia Ram, representative of SEDUC, expressed in the event that the Board of education's goal is to expand the project to other schools. "The Board is very happy for the invitation and partnership, We realized that the work done in schools with students, with teachers, with the support of the management, is making a great effect and we want more and more projects like this, more workshops and partnerships with Adel, so we can raise this flag of social entrepreneurship and youth protagonism to more locations and more people ".

Adriano Batista, Executive Director of Adel, In addition to highlighting the importance of partners to create a network of Social Protection for young people, released first hand the new project which will be held at the beginning of 2019, approved by the CMDCA of São Gonçalo do Amarante which is young in the region of pecem. "What we are interested to build here in the region that's exactly, a group of partners that can create a safety net for young people to put in practice the potential inside of you. And this is only possible when this young man finds support ", highlights.

Participants of the seminar of Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership in schools

The seminar ended the training activities of the project and presented to the community the students and entrepreneurs protagonists benefit. The expectation is that new young are formed and the micro projects developed by young people in schools can inspire the whole school community for promotion of new projects. Through the booklets that are being prepared, the Adel plans along with partners multiply this action in the Northeast.

In the next few weeks, There will be a round of meeting in schools for evaluation of the activities carried out throughout the year, delivery of certificates from other students and still the trip of exchange of micro projects winners.

The project young entrepreneurs and Rural Actors in the schools benefited 400 adolescents and young people, in the age group between 15 e 17 years of age, four schools in the State schools. Is accomplished by Adel in partnership with UNESCO and Rede Globo, through the Criança Esperança, and the Council for the defense of the rights of children and adolescents of Ceará (CEDC / EC). It has the support of the Secretariat of the State of Ceará Education (Seduce-EC).


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