Respect for diversity

The diversity project and Entrepreneurship of young rural

*By Aurigele Alves (Program Director Adel)

Seventeen may became symbol of the fight for human rights and sexual diversity, against violence and prejudice. Even today, being a landmark in advocacy for the rights of LGBT population +, discuss about sexuality is far from being seen as something necessary. We need to understand that debate about diversity is to defend the right to life. Every day different people are affected by the absence of public policies, have their rights denied and their lives are threatened.

We are pushed into the abyss every day. Opportunities almost never arrive, the absorption of LGBT labor + in the labour market is very small and the feeling we have is that, When we assume our identity, automatically the "doors" are closed. It is a fact that there is a change happening shyly. Many companies and organizations have created and invested in programmes to support and encourage the development of LGBT people +. It is interesting and we should recognize the importance of this, but we must not forget that many (the) transvestites and transsexuals even prostitute themselves because they can't work, even when they have good resumes. Many (the) LGBT + omit the your sexuality in the workplace for fear of suffering prejudice or even lose your job.

With this, a good alternative to mitigate this challenge, is to encourage and introduce entrepreneurship as a way for the inclusion of LGBT population + socioprodutiva. While our talents, the skills and vocations are engaged in realization of dreams, It is possible to have more autonomy and freedom to be who we want to be. Are in initiatives such as Local Economic Development Agency (Adel), through the diversity project in Rural Youth Entrepreneurship, and hundreds of other organizations that work tirelessly to the LGBT population + gain greater visibility, What we believe. The fight goes on fundamental for ensuring our rights, by ressignification of freedom and mainly by the generation of opportunities, respect and recognition as citizens.

Originally published in Tribuna do Ceará.

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