Resilience and Local development seminar

Project diversity and Youth Entrepreneurship Rural youth in Pentecost (THIS)

The Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) performs next Friday (5), at Pentecost (THIS), the Resilience and Development Seminar location – A debate about the role and cooperation of rural LGBT youth +. The event marks the completion of the formative project cycle diversity and Entrepreneurship of young rural, strategy to promote the development of business enterprises and social and environmental impact with LGBT youth + in Ceará.

The seminar starts at 9:00 and will be held at the vocational school Alan Pine T, located in R. Maria Menezes Furtado, 105 – Vila Nova, Pentecost (THIS). The event that is open to the public and has entries available at the following link:, brings together partners, team Adel, LGBT youth and family + that staged this project and finished the course Entrepreneurship and Social Role.

The main pane of the event, whose theme is Resilience and Local Development – A debate about the role and cooperation of rural LGBT youth +, will feature the contributions of Gláucio Gomes, Development Director Adel; Aurigele Alves, Program Director Adel; Sabrina Santos, Young entrepreneur and creator of the flower of the outback; Nohemy Resende, the Coordination of Educational diversity and inclusion (Codin/SEDUC), with mediation by Ayobami Abreu, Communications Director Adel.

Panelists will discuss the role and cooperation of rural LGBT youth + in high resilience. As these young men can from the entrepreneurship and the role contributing to the development of their communities. Challenges to be addressed, the opportunities, social organisations and initiatives existing in the State public policies that influence the choices and opportunities for young people to innovate, undertake and promote changes to the development of their communities.

Will also be present Adriano Batista, Adel Executive Director and project manager Julia Figueiredo, representing the more diversity and ITA.

About the project

The diversity project and Entrepreneurship of young rural integrates the activities of the Rural young entrepreneur Program (PJER) and works to promote development strategies of business enterprises and rural socio-environmental impact, in the context of the Brazilian northeastern semi-arid region. Alia, access of young people benefit from the knowledge, credit, collaborative networks and technologies. In the scenario of strong hostility in which LGBT youth + are inserted, the Alliance between entrepreneurship and social protagonism creates real alternatives of trajectories for positive social mobility and guarantee fundamental freedoms. The project is performed in partnership with ITA and More Diversity consulting.

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