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José Carlos Lázaro (UFC), Gláucio Gomes (Adel), Thom Oliveira (Social Brasilis), Gerson Pacheco (ChildFund) and Daiane Mulling (Unifor), from left to right. Photo: Lia de Paula

Last Tuesday (4), the Economic Development Agency Local (Adel) and Brazil held the seminar All ChildFund Can Undertake: Entrepreneurship and Leadership of adolescents and youth resilience, at the Teatro Celina Queiroz da Universidade de Fortaleza (Unifor), in Fortaleza/CE.

At The Seminar, the institutions have launched the book All Can Undertake: Entrepreneurship and Leadership for young people that gathers stories of young entrepreneurs Young Entrepreneurs Program Rural members (PJER) by Adel, In addition to concepts and knowledge for adolescents and young people can undertake and being protagonists of their life stories.

The event began with the presentation of children's choir of the cultural Project happy child, an initiative supported by Brazil and that operates in the ChildFund communities of Iracema and Padre Andrade Garden located west of Fortaleza. Soon after the presentation, Professor Davoud Costa, Co directors of Unifor; along with Gerson Pacheco, ChildFund Brazil Director; e, Adriano Batista, Co-founder and Executive Director of Adel, officially opened the event highlighting the importance of entrepreneurship and leadership of adolescents and youth for the promotion of local development.

Local and national speakers were debating about the challenges, the opportunities, the trends, the practices and solutions in experiment or consolidated in the Brazil today to influence the choices and opportunities for adolescents and young people can innovate, undertake and promote changes to the development of their communities.

Professor Dr. Daiane Mulling of Unifor, was mediating the first Panel, whose topic was entrepreneurship and social innovation for youth and adolescents in the current Brazilian context. She instigated the other panelists to bring successful cases, stories of lives that have proven that not only the major urban centres are sign of opportunities, nor is place of scarcity and poverty.

Gláucio Gomes, Director of Development Adel, has the story of founding the Organization itself. "Adel is the biggest example I can tell a success story, of entrepreneurship and leadership of people who remain mobilised until today, of eight young people who had the opportunity to attend college and decided to return to contribute to the development of their communities ", highlighted.

For Gerson Pacheco, ChildFund Brazil Director, young people need vision, need to believe in dreams and the possibilities. "We need to absorb the knowledge era, get out of your comfort zone, events like this mess with our interior and move us to a future that is already there and we must not fear. The Brazil is fertile ground, embrace the opportunities ", reinforced.

For the Professor. José Carlos da UFC and Thom Oliveira, Founder and Executive Director of Social Brasilis, education is a key concept for entrepreneurship and for the experience of the future which is already coming. Understand the new world, the internet of things, the power of connections. Analyze the theory is crucial to the success of the practice. It is necessary to develop the people skills to the use of digital technologies, show how you can use these tools to generate positive social impact.

Tião Rock (CPCD), Helen Singer (Ashoka), Rogers Mendes (Seduce / EC), Sabrina Santos (PJER) and Maristela Chua (Eco Northeast), from left to right. Photo: Lia de Paula

Entering the theme education and deepening the debate, came the second Panel, Entrepreneurship education and role of adolescents and youth resilience, mediated by journalist Maristela Chua, creator of Eco Agency Northeast. The mediator opened the time stressing that Yes you can have the hope of development in semi-arid, that young people can remain productive in their communities.

From this point of view, the young Sabrina Santos, Member of the young entrepreneur Program of Adel and creator of the flower shop Flower do Sertão, tell me about your career as entrepreneur and as dribbled the difficulties of access to the labour market. With support, access to knowledge and resilience, it was possible to see the opportunities in the territory.

The Executive Secretary of the high school and Professional Education Secretariat of the State of Ceará (Seduce / EC), Rogers Mendes, I brought some of the future for education in formal education institutions. Urged the participants to think about how the school can interact and strengthen entrepreneurship and stressed that it is necessary to reverse some of the logic of the classroom. Leave static education, of an archaic and outdated model, where only the teacher speaks and students listen.

"We need to think about the idea of a business school, an environment for training and sharing ideas, Smart Services, Creative, outside of what is in the traditional scope, so that young people can exercise the entrepreneurship and the role. Transform the school into a barn of preparation and stimulation for people to experience concepts and not just learn to replicate in the distant future ", discussed Rogers.

Kate Singer, Leader of the Youth strategy in Ashoka Latin America, reinforced the importance of thinking a new education. "Every school can be a barn for social transformation, for a new education. The school is not more productive and efficient people forming for the new world, This new world that works a lot more collaboration, of creation. People need to learn to deal with structures that are streamed. For this new world we need empathy, We need to recognize the place, including who thinks differently and is in a different place. So that the common good is for all and not just for some ", highlighted.

The prospect of a new education, the brief history of the founding of the people's Centre for culture and development (CPCD), non-governmental organization created in Minas Gerais, which operates in the areas of popular education and sustainable community development. The Centre was designed by Jason Ramirez, Anthropologist, Popular educator and Social Entrepreneur. Tião emphasized that to be an educator you need to ask questions and unlearn. His first questions when starting the CPCD were about the possibility of thinking education without school and where it was possible to find educators.

"Education and schooling are different, education is something that only happens in plural, is required at least two people. Education is what they exchange, the different learnings that intersect, is it possible to make education anywhere, but we need good teachers and they are not being formed by the universities ", highlighted.

Tião finished your speech stating that the young need to think about the future, be bold, have dreams, think different from the world he lives. He believes that it is necessary to bypass the empty sense of humanity, of young people who feel invisible. For this it is necessary the empowerment, that second he, is power. "We need to look at the full Cup side, which measures the ability of learning, of talent, call these young men for a cause. Channel your energy to something that's transformer. Encourage people to build together a place that's good for everybody ".

The seminar culminated in the completion of the book launch cocktail All Can Undertake: Entrepreneurship and Leadership for adolescents and young people, a strategy of Brazil and ChildFund Adel to support the development of adolescents and young people in contexts of resilience in all Brazil, through the promotion of entrepreneurship and the role.

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The Seminar All Can Undertake: Entrepreneurship and Leadership of adolescents and youth resilience was an event of national character, promoted by Local economic development agency (Adel) in partnership with ChilFund Brazil, e, support the University of Fortaleza (Unifor) and the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) through the Faculty of Economics, Administration, Actuarial and accounting (FEAAC).

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