Young people from Trairi receive financial support and advice to undertake

Fábia Oliveira, Project Assistant Adel and Janai Sousa, Young Entrepreneur.

Have access to credit to invest in a business is essential. Anyway, this is one of the main challenges of young entrepreneurs at the time of implementing an idea. In Training and Support Project for Young Entrepreneurs and Rural Protagonists funded by the Qair, New Year and executed by us, in Trairi/CE, Ten (10) young people in the municipality receive financial support and technical and managerial advice to develop their.

Young people access credit in the Footpaths background, microcredit strategy designed by us to support young rural entrepreneurs with qair support and investment. In all, Qair invested R$ 30.580,50 in the territory through the Veredas Fund.

One of the financed business projects is the young Janai Sousa, 26, who lives in the Ramada Stream community, Betrayed/EC. Your business, the Kingdom Art Parties, is geared towards the production and sale of personalized souvenirs and party decoration services (children's and marriages). Janai has always dreamed of expanding her business, but found it difficult to access credit.

"By accessing the Veredas Fund credit, I saw the beginning of the realization of a dream, with this opportunity i expanded my business and Started to offer more quality and diversity to my customers. I'm happy to have this opportunity for growth, are these opportunities that make us able to Believe in our dreams and not to give up"., strengthens.

Technical and managerial advice takes place in a virtual and face-to-face. They are carried out with the purpose of monitoring the implementation and development of youth business projects in their communities.

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