Local Economic Development Agency

“Development consists of eliminating deprivations of liberty that limit people's choices and opportunities to exercise their status as citizens”. (Amartya Sen)

In July 2005, two agronomists, newly graduated, children of Pentecost farmers, Ceará, returned to their communities of origin to develop the Rural Producer Advisory Center (NAPR). Initially the objective of NAPR was to provide technical advice to family farmers in the municipalities of Pentecoste and Apuiarés.

What began with almost voluntary character was growing until, in 2007, the work of the two pathfinders was made official. Was born, at Pentecost, the Economic Development Agency Local (ADEL), a non-profit organization that operates in the Middle Curu microregion of the state of Ceará.

During this period, ADEL has developed, thanks to the social capital formed at Pentecost, during 14 years, by the Cooperative Cell Education Program (Commodity) of the Student Heart Institute. The Program promotes access for students from popular communities in Public Higher Education. Atulamente are more than 210 young people in universities.

In 2008, ADEL has reformed its structure and established axes and lines of work to achieve its mission. Today, ADEL provides sectoral diagnostic services, technical training, incubation of productive enterprises and technical advice to small and medium enterprises in the formation of local productive arrangements.

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