Adel supports the publication of the second book of young Monica Mota

Writer Monica Mota

Three years after the launch of “Tone, Elis and Chico“, the young Monica Mota, 24, launches his second children's book, "Bernardo Boy". The launch will be on Thursday (5/5), at 3:30 p.m., in the Legislative Assembly of Ceará. The publication reinforces the fight against child sexual abuse and exploitation, mainly of children with disabilities.

"Menino Bernardo" was inspired by a dialogue with little Vinicius, son of friends of the writer, "an inspiring boy", carrier of Myelomeningocele, neural malformation that caused nerve damage that led to paraplegia and hydrocephalus. The work is the result of world vision funding and has our support.

Book cover “Bernardo Boy”.

Monica is a native of Pentecost, the headquarters municipality of our organization. She's the daughter of farmers, teacher's granddaughter, studied his whole life in public school in the countryside. As a child, victim of sexual abuse of 6 To 12 years and with the help of a teacher overcame traumas and difficulties of life in the field. Today it is activist in combating child sexual violence.

In his first book "Tom, Elis and Chico", launched at the 12th Edition of the International Book Biennial, in 2019, Monica treated violence and sexual abuse against children in a playful way, becoming the first ceará to publish a children's book on this topic.

"Since 2018 we follow the Role monica's and support the release of her second book is very significant. He's part of a larger job she develops, the project #TododiaÉ18deMaio, which underscores the importance of every day fighting violence and sexual abuse against children. In "Menino Bernardo", she speaks to an audience that lacks protection and that her rights are guaranteed, the boys and PCD's (People with Disabilities)", highlights our Communications Director, Ayobami Abreu.

About the work

“Bernardo Boy” warns of the little attention paid to people with disabilities. Monica's proposal in her second children's work is to show that childhood should be a safe space, colorful and full of pranks. Adults need to take responsibility for listening to and protecting children. In the book, the author also addresses self-protection strategies that can be taught to small.

The book also warns of the importance of dialogue between adults and children on all types of aggression. It also cites the Child and Adolescent Statute (YUCK) and its importance in the classroom, as well as the role of adults to listen and not omit any violence suffered by the child, whether she has a disability or not.

Only in Brazil, there are about 45,6 millions of people living with some kind of disability. Of these, 3,5 millions are children of up to 12 years of age. The data are 2010 by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). According to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) children with disabilities are three to four times more likely to be victims of violence having even more difficulty reporting the violation of rights that have been exposed.

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