Adel hires Project Analyst


A Adel hires professional with interest in acting in the operational and technical support of activities inherent to the area Programmatic of the organization, such as drafting project proposals, reporting, technical documents and pedagogical support materials. The workplace of the contracted professional will be in Fortaleza and the operational base in the municipality of Pentecoste, both in Ceará.

The contracted professional will provide full support and service to the public benefited by Adel, as well as contribute to the planning and proposition of innovative solutions for the capacity building of young people and farmers, implementation of technologies and the promotion of community collaborative arrangements. The professional may be requested to support actions in other states of the Northeast.

Adel is qualified as Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (Oscip) and seeks to develop, through their actions, technical and managerial skills with young entrepreneurs and farmers to promoting local development in northeastern Brazil. Through its Program Board, performs the Rural Solutions Program and the Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER). Both of social impact, mission-oriented to the organization's mission, from donations and social investments from partners.

The vacancy of Project Analyst has indefinite time, with a workload of 40h/weekly, preferably monday to friday, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. CLT Link, with compensatory regime by means of bank hours.

Desired requirements/profile

Graduation in Agrarian Sciences or Humanities, preferably. In an enlarged way (under specific analysis of the history, with records of complementary experiences in the third sector, especially in the desired field of action): Technological Level in Agriculture, Administration, pedagogy, Domestic Economics or Environmental Management.

Experience in management and operationalization of social and environmental projects focused on local development, dissemination of production technologies, water safety, Marketing, productive arrangements, sustainable agriculture, sustainability with direct action with young people and farmers.

Performance in the ecosystem of social impact: in civil society organizations (Csos) or in corporate sectors that act with social and environmental responsibility and sustainability, in management and/or operation areas.

Acting as a field agent in the implementation of social technologies and or strategies of socio-environmental impact in rural communities. rural service, education of the field, solidarity economy, agroecology and formation of local productive arrangements. joint, mobilization of leaders and communities to network.

Professional with technical profile, but practical, director and problem-solving and challenges in the day-to-day organization. Dedication and initiative to operationalize activities and field demands with the communities benefited, emphasizing the use of cooperative approaches, dynamics and with a broad capacity for mobilising and engaging beneficiaries.

Ability to understand the institutional context and strategies to develop a civil society organization, based on its mission, in their values and organizational principles.

Understanding and or complementary training on topics such as Food and Nutrition Security, sustainable agriculture, Local Productive Arrangements, Cooperatives, Sustainability, human rights, entrepreneurship, Water Safety, Social Technologies and the like.

Good communication, oral and written, articulation skill with different actors.

Availability for frequent regional and national travel.

Own ing a National Driver's License (Cnh), category B.

Main activities

Operationalization of programmatic strategies through socio-environmental impact projects: production of support and planning tools, community mobilization, operationalization and monitoring of field activities, data collection and organization, evidence and project performance indicators, coordination of activities with technical and operational teams and preparation of reports and technical documents.

Plan and conduct training processes with project target audience from the cooperative approach. Provide advice to young people and farmers in solving recurrent problems in rural enterprises and properties.

Support in the preparation of proposals and projects: capture and systematization of field demands, active listening and project scope construction, when demanded, redaction, document review, e, of pedagogical support documents: booklets and reference guides.


Outpatient health plan (50%), with national coverage (justified by frequent trips to the fields of operation in other states); dental plan with regional coverage; life insurance; meal aid and transport aid.


Fortress and Operational Base at Pentecost, not Ceará.

How to apply

Interested parties should send the CV with wage claim already in the curriculum file itself, up until 25/06/21, To with the subject: Project Analyst.

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