Adel hires Specialist Technical Advisor in the preparation of Business Plans in the area of Dairy Cattle farming

A Local Economic Development Agency (Adel) is hiring Advisor(a) Specialized(a) in the preparation of Business Plans to act in the Project Structuring of the Milk Production Chain, carried out in partnership with the Banco do Nordeste, in the territory of the Lower and Middle Jaguaribe and Sobral region in Ceará.

The Project seeks to contribute to the increased productivity and profitability in dairy farming activity through three axes: Training, advice and dissemination of technologies. The advisory axis focuses on the development of business plans, organizational strengthening and the creation of Local Productive Arrangements (APLs). Aiming at the development of business projects with the benefited producers, Adel is hiring Advisor(a) specialized in this area.

The activities of the(a) Hired(a) include advisory and tutoring sessions for dairy farmers, focusing on the development of business plans for rural properties, considering the specific barriers to productive and commercial development, the potentialities and weaknesses, the opportunities and threats and strategies that should be put into practice for their improvement, efficiency and quality gain in production. Business plans should include strategic and economic-financial planning items focused on the development of rural establishments.

· Graduação em ciências agrárias ou ciências humanas, social and related, experience of at least one year with projects and activities in rural communities related to the development of business plans.

Main activities
· Agendamento das sessões com os produtores.
· Realização das sessões de assessoria e tutoria com os produtores em suas propriedades.
· Elaboração/finalização dos planos de negócios dos produtores.
· Elaboração de relatórios da assessoria.

Rural properties of morada nova municipalities, St. John of the Jaguaribe, Northern Lemon Tree, Alto Santo and Iracema in the Middle and Lower Jaguaribe region in Ceará. The territory of Sobral covers the municipalities of Irauçuba, Miraíma, Santana do Acaraú and Sobral.

How to submit the proposal
Interested parties should send CV with salary claim up until 11/11/2020 To with the subject: Specialist in the preparation of Business Plans.

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