Adel hires Specialists in Dairy Cattle

A Local Economic Development Agency (Adel), that operates throughout the Northeast, invests in hiring new employees. We are with two vacancies open for immediate hiring of professionals with an interest in working in the strengthening of the dairy cattle production chain, boost productivity and sustainable local development in the territories of Sobral and Baixo Jaguaribe in Ceará.

Vacancies for Specialists in Dairy Cattle have a workload of 40h/Weekly, CLT link, with compensatory regime by means of bank hours. Salary is compatible with the function.

Desired requirements/profile

  • Specialty in Dairy Cattle;
  • Experience in implementation of dairy cattle projects and coexistence with the semi-arid;
  • Experience in technical assistance / rural extension with dairy farmers from rural communities in Ceará;
  • Knowledge in Projects and Public Policies of sustainable and economic development; Knowledge in the production chain of dairy cattle at the state level;
  • Familiarity with cultural and social aspects of the sertanejo people (population of the territories);
  • Knowledge about legislation governing milk production activity, as well as in associations and cooperatives at the federal and state level;
  • Ability to write reports and technical documents;
  • Dynamism and sensitivity for the formation of community groups with participatory and popular methodologies;
  • Basic computer knowledge, with preference in Microsoft Office in Windows environment; Have CNH category AB;
  • Availability for field trips;
  • Write well and express yourself well in public.

Main activities

  • Planning realization, implementation and implementation of activities and visits to the rural properties of cattle growers benefited;
  • Realization and application in the field of rural socio-environmental diagnosis and monitoring of projects; Mobilization, awareness raising and training of cattle growers benefited by Adel; Articulate meetings and events with local communities and partners;
  • Technical monitoring of cattle growers benefited by Adel;
  • Field days, advisory services and preparation of property business plan;
  • Monitor the implementation of reference units of dairy cattle in the territories of sobral and low Jaguaribe;
  • Monitor the implementation and development of projects with rural communities benefited by Adel;
  • Write and/or consolidate technical reports that contribute to the implementation of projects.
  • Monitoring of communities and execution of other activities relevant to the routine of the field and office;
  • Perform other activities related to the function.


Health Plan (50%), Dental Plan; Life Insurance and Transportation and Lodging Aid in the territories of Sobral and Baixo Jaguaribe in Ceará.


Sobral and Baixo Jaguaribe in Ceará.

How to apply

Interested parties should send the CV with wage claim until 12/10 to with the subject: Dairy Cattle Specialist.

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