Adel develops Social Communication strategy of flyways Brazil Project

Photo: George Dantas

In the last month, a Adel was hired by SAVE Brazil (Society for the Conservation of Birds of Brazil) to develop a Social Communication strategy for the Flyways Brazil Project, held in Rio Grande do Norte. Organizations will develop communication activities with a focus on conservation of wild birds (birds that feed on invertebrates hidden in mud) Migratory.

Every year these birds flee the harsh Arctic winter and low food supply in the countries of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, to find shelter in the tropical or subtropical regions of Central and South America.

In Brazil, especially in the Potiguar Basin, birds find plenty of food in the estuary of rivers and mangroves. The feeding sites, what these areas are called, allow the replacement of the energy necessary for birds to return to their place of origin and, So, start a new reproductive cycle. Among the twenty-one species of poultry observed in the region by SAVE Brazil, four are in the Official National List of Endangered Fauna Species: the blowtorch, the red-chatted torch, the white-backed torch and the beaked bat.

The objective of the project is to engage local communities and other actors in the conservation of birds and protection of wetlands, so important to species. The municipalities of Galinhos will be contemplated, Guamaré and Macau, areas with the highest incidence of birds and where SAVE Brazil already carries out population monitoring of species.

According to the Adel Communications Director, Ayobami Abreu, the communication strategy that will be developed together with SAVE Brasil, seeks to involve the various actors and sectors of the communities to recognize the area as Site of the Hemispheric Network of Reserves and Lemon Products (WHSRN Website, acronym in English). "We have an immense responsibility to preserve ecosystems and are delighted to contribute to the conservation of various endangered species and the opportunity to design this Communication strategy. It is the duty of all of us to ensure the care and protection of the environment"., highlights.

About the Flyways Brazil Project

The Border Poultry Conservation Program - Flyways Brazil Project is an initiative of SAVE Brazil in partnership with Neoenergy Institute. The main objectives of the project, still in progress, Are: monitor species of wild birds in the Potiguar Basin; engage local communities in the conservation of wild birds; e, promote the conservation of important habitats for wild birds with a focus on valuing these birds.

More information:–project-flyways-brazil

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