Adel and BNB train dairy farmers in Ceará

Cattle growers during the mini course Management of Dairy Cattle Properties in Iracema, THIS

Since October of this year, we resume the face-to-face activities of the Project Structuring of the Milk Production Chain, carried out in partnership with the Banco do Nordeste. The Project comprises a set of training actions, technical and managerial advice and dissemination of technologies to promote the structuring of the production chain of dairy cattle in rural areas of Sobral e Low and Medium Jaguaribe.

The first territory comprises the municipalities of Irauçuba, Miraíma, Santana do Acaraú and Sobral. The second territory is composed of the municipalities Alto Santo, Iracema, Northern Lemon Tree, Morada Nova and São João do Jaguaribe, in the state of Ceará.

Since the beginning of the Project, at the end of 2019, 265 cattle growers, of 132 communities of the 9 Municipalities, are being benefited. In this new phase, they participate in short courses on topics crucial to the development of this production chain. There have been more than 30 formative meetings, seguindo todos os protocolos de saúde e segurança para a prevenção da Covid-19.

The topics worked on were Local Cooperation and Development, Animal Welfare and Zootechnical Facilities, Strategic Planning of Rural Entrepreneurs, Management of Dairy Cattle Properties e Reproductive Management.


The Project

The initiative enables increased productivity and profitability in the activity of dairy cattle in the territories served. The Project has three components: 1) pedagogical activities; 2) advice for the organization of small producers in Local Productive Arrangements (APLs), applying principles and techniques of cooperation and collaboration for efficient and quality production; e 3) installation of Reference Units (YOUR), to serve as a basis for continued learning.

Short course Local Cooperation and Development in Alto Santo, THIS

There have been more than 500 hours of advice for the preparation of Business Plans e Local Productive Arrangements. More than 157 Plans have already been drawn up. In 2020, was also held a series of webinars broadcast by our Youtube channel, where they were spread among milk producers, new knowledge, social and environmental solutions and technologies; allowing a quality gain, efficiency and adding value to production in the territory.

In addition to the series, local seminars were held in each territory and reference units were installed (Urs) to disseminate viable social and environmental solutions and technologies applicable to the context and challenges faced by producers.

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