The Bravo Youth Foundation (Bravo) is a non-governmental organization that invests and supports education programs aimed at children and young people. Investments are focused on, Primarily, actions developed in rural areas of the northeastern hinterland. Bravo is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and is represented in Brazil by Rummos Research and Evaluation Advisory, entity based in Rio de Janeiro and a partner of ADEL since its founding in 2007.

The Bravo Youth Foundation's mission is to invest in educational social programs that can contribute to personal development, social and cultural rights of young people in the Brazilian hinterland.

By investing in initiatives that improve the quality of education offered in the Brazilian Hinterland, bravo youth foundation hopes to help form a new generation of young people aware of, aware of their role as agents of social transformation.

The Foundation also believes that the personal and cultural growth of young people is fundamental to the social and economic development of their communities, so it invests in adel's actions.

BRAVO launched a us campaign with the following theme: "The Brazilian Hinterland has many challenges, but also valuable opportunities for development.”

To learn more about the Bravo Youth Foundation, Access:

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