Adel and Echoenergia hold online course with teachers from Pernambuco

In the days 28 e 29 of April, a Adel and the Echoenergy carried out the Initiation Course to cooperative learning methodology, in online format, with teachers from the Manoel Alves de Araújo Municipal School, located in the municipality of Venturosa, in Pernambuco. The Course is an initiative of the Education Development Project, echosocial program: Winds Transforming, initiative of the Echoenergy with the support of the BNDES and executed by the New Business by Adel.

The Course was divided into two modules: Pedagogical Approach to Cooperative Learning and Cooperation and Protagonism in Learning. It was two days of virtual meetings, 28 e 29 of April, with a workload of 6 credit/hours and participation of 11 teachers. The training followed the remote teaching model, through the google meet virtual platform. Teachers had access to teaching materials in digital format.

A Manoel Alves de Araújo Municipal Elementary School caters to communities Grota, Grotão and Pontais, In Venturosa (Pe). The Initiation Course on the Cooperative Learning Methodology was the first contact of educators with this learning approach, where students learn while working in small teams, Cooperating with each other to solve challenges, exercises and/or problems, e, appropriate the shared subjects and knowledge, to achieve a mutual goal.

In the first module, were presented Instruments educators so that they can conduct training activities, using the pedagogical approach of Cooperative Learning and its specific techniques with the beneficiary public.

On the second day, teachers discussed how they can stimulate Role of their students, understanding the importance of protagonism as a complementary topic to formal education. Several pedagogical approaches were presented that seek to stimulate the development of proactive students, with initiative, to participate in their school communities. The concept of social interdependence and positive interaction, as potentiating elements of learning at school.

Screenshot during online course.

"The course was significant, showed us methodological strategies simple, but that favor the collective work and the commitment of all students, enabling the development of the entire group. Congratulations! The meeting was excellent”, reinforces the Professor Rosa Jorge da Silva, Pedagogical Coordinator of the Manoel Alves de Araújo Municipal School.

Teachers learned in practice, divided into teams, how to use the methodology of Cooperative Learning, helping in the perception that protagonism and cooperation are present in the daily life of the school and that the student needs to be aware of the advantages of working as a team, in favor of collective objectives and that the teacher has a fundamental role in the identification and mobilization of predisposed students who have the potential to develop certain characteristics, social skills and abilities.

For the Secretary of Education Venturosa (Pe), Sonia Regina Diogenes, every partnership that Municipal Education has is welcome. "Training, courses and workshops are sources of learning that enrich the curriculum and the day-to-day pedagogical of schools. Like this, the workshop proposal held by Adel was embraced by the entire school team and will certainly result in significant work in the students' learning process., reinforces the Secretary.

Working the Role and the cooperation in the classroom is critical to the educational development of students. With encouragement and guidance, children and young people can better develop these two vocations and achieve better educational outcomes.

Raquel Ferreira, Project Coordinator of Adel and responsible for teaching the Course, account that this amazing experience was an opportunity to teach and learn from teachers different ways of learning, mediated by technologies. "Teachers are always seeking to acquire knowledge and willing to overcome challenges for education. Learning a new methodology brings motivation and an incentive to continue in the struggle for education integral, full and fair", says.

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