Adel and Echoenergia hold workshop on Social Protagonism and Entrepreneurship with young people in Pernambuco

In the last month, a Adel in partnership with the Echoenergy, held the Workshop Social Protagonism and Entrepreneurship, which had the participation of 38 young people from grota communities, Grotto, Juremal and Pontais, in Venturosa/PE. The workshop integrates the Echosocial Program: Winds Transforming, Echoenergia's initiative, carried out with the support of the BNDES and executed by Adel's New Business area.

The workshop's proposal was expand the technical and managerial capacities of young people, to understand their contexts and environments of action. Like this, they will be able to identify opportunities and potentialities for the creation of business projects and/or socio-environmental impact in their communities. Protagonism and entrepreneurship can be choices in your life projects, alternative and possible ways to become agents of positive transformations.

The workshop took place via web conference and had the support of local groups and the Manoel Alves de Araújo Municipal School. To Maria Karolina, 23, the moment was gratifying. "We thank Adel and Echoenergia for the opportunity and we want to say that we are always on hand for more projects here in the community, is a way of we further improve our knowledge“, strengthens. The young woman, on the other, Andressa Victoria, 17, believes that projects that encourage education are crucial to the community development.

Screenshot during online meeting.

This was a del and Echoenergia's first action with the young people of Venturosa. It is essential to build with young people the knowledge and skills that respect local knowledge and culture, in order to promote the democratization of opportunities and the construction of possibilities for coexistence with the Semi-arid.

About echosocial wind that transform

The focus of the Echosocial Wind squee-in program is to contribute to the local development of the territories surrounding the company's wind complexes, generating social impacts, Economic, environmental and educational positive. Its premise is the concept of human development, understood as the expansion of freedoms by people, families and communities, through the acquisition of capabilities by these social actors.

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