Adel and EDP Institute conduct formation of the PJER in São Gonçalo do Amarante

Deborah Hivana, young entrepreneur of the community of Siupé – SGA

Adel and the EDP Institute started, this week, the activities of the first meeting of the Advanced Cycle of the new class of the Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER), in São Gonçalo do Amarante/CE. The project started in September, with the inaugural online class and four days of face-to-face training.

Due to the pandemic context, training activities alternate between face-to-face and distance moments and occur in a new format. The thirty young people selected were divided into two classes, and participate in face-to-face meetings at the são Gonçalo do Amarante head and in the Parada community, aiming at non-agglomeration. All young people participate simultaneously in the same program of the Course Protagonism and Business Entrepreneurship and Socio-Environmental Impact.

Young entrepreneurs of the Parada class – SGA

According To Raquel Ferreira, Project Coordinator of Adel, working with Protagonism and Youth Entrepreneurship, despite the current context, is sure that what you do today will yield a different tomorrow. "Facilitating this class is challenging, due to the pandemic context, we need to meet all health and safety recommendations. But in spite of everything, the young people showed desire and enough grit in remaining, even in the face of obstacles in continuing. I am happy with the mission of facilitating the formative process and assisting them in making the decision to undertake, within their life projects", emphasizes.

In the first formative week, young people were introduced to concepts and tools about planning, creation, management and development of rural enterprises. They analysed the contexts in which they wish to undertake and identified the opportunities. The Course gathers information and tools that will assist them in the preparation of their Business Projects, whether for economic or social purposes.

Ali Baba, Adel Project Specialist and group facilitator who conducts training in Parada – SGA

Wanderlene Ramos, 32, resides at the city's headquarters and states that the training is exceeding its expectations. "Despite this period we are living in, following all the safety rules against the virus, being able to go out to learn is being great. The training is better than I expected. I want to keep evolving every day, being someone better yesterday, today and tomorrow", strengthens.

This class of the PJER is composed of young people aged between 18 e 32 years, who live in the Pecém communities, Siupé, New Year, Stop, Umarituba, Croatá and the state of São Gonçalo do Amarante. 80% of the participants are women who see in the Program the opportunity to expand their capacities, exchange experiences and acquire knowledge to have your own income and financial independence.

Young entrepreneurs of the based on the – SGA

After the course and with the Business Project at hand, young people can access financial resources in Deep Paths, microcredit strategy developed by Adel and which will receive financial investments from EDP, administrator of UTE Pecém, through the EDP Institute, organization that has been managing the edp group's socio-environmental actions for twelve years.

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