Adel and Neoenergia foster rural youth entrepreneurship in the Northeast

Between the days 5 e 7 July, in partnership with Neoenergia, we begin the face-to-face activities of the Course "Entrepreneurship and Social Protagonism", with young people from the municipalities of São José do Sabugi and Santa Luzia, in Paraíba, and the municipalities of Lagoa Nova and Bodó, in Rio Grande do Norte.

More than fifty young people participated in the first formative week of the course, which integrates the education axis of the SER Program- health, Education and Income, executed by us in partnership with Neoenergy and the Neoenergy Institute, close to the company's wind ventures.

The training brings together tools that will assist young people in the development of their Business Projects, whether for economic or social purposes. An opportunity for those who wish to undertake and contribute to the sustainable development of their communities and municipalities.

The young people participated in the first module with workshops on Local Development e entrepreneurship. They also deepened their knowledge of planning, creation, management and development of rural enterprises. They analysed the contexts in which they wish to undertake and identified local opportunities. In all, the Course will have five modules, Totaling 96 credit/hours.

The module 2 happened last week, of 19 a 21 July, focused on Financial Education, Market Analysis and Business Projects. The module 3 is expected to happen 9 a 11 august and will address topics such as management, Communication and Marketing, strategic and financial planning. Training activities alternate between face-to-face and distance moments and take place, simultaneously, with the same schedule, in the Jatuarana community, Municipality of Bodó (RN), and in the Latadinha community, municipality of São José do Sabugi (PB).

Marise Eduarda, 24, young woman benefited from the Jatuarana Settlement, states that he liked the first formative week and already intends to expand your enterprise. "The course is very rich, brought a lot of cool ideas on how to grow or create your own business. I already have my online store, 'Marise Gifts', seeing perfumery, intimate fashion and accessories. My idea is to expand my enterprise, add new products and for that I'm already opening my microenterprise. We also learn to share experiences with other students in the class, has been enriching", emphasizes Marise.

About the SER Program

The SER Program – health, Education and Income is a neoenergy strategy, developed with the support of the Neoenergy Institute, to contribute to improving the quality of life in the company's communities of influence, close to wind and transmission projects, generating social impacts, Economic, environmental and educational positive, highlighting results and impacts on three strategic axes: health, Education and Income.

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