Adel and lina galvani institute begin Protagonism and Digital Culture Course

Last week, a Adel (Local Economic Development Agency) and the Lina Galvani Institute (ILG) started the activities of the Following all health and safety protocols, the opening of the Protagonism and Digital Culture Course, in the House of Dialogue, the home of the Angico dos Dias Social Network Association, In Campo Alegre de Lourdes, in Bahia.

In addition to the 25 selected local youth, the present Executive Director of Adel, Adriano Batista, the Organization's Program Director, Aurigele Alves; Ricardo Mastroti, ILG Executive Director, Mark Kings, Social Responsibility Supervisor ILG and Jennifer France, ILG Social Responsibility Analyst.

Young people received kits with shirts, Notebooks, pens and the book Todxs Can Undertake, published by Adel and which presents the first steps towards an entrepreneurial journey, which will also serve as an instrument of study during the. They also participated in formative moments about Citizenship, Protagonism and Leadership and, on Community, Youth and Life Project.

"We see that through the Course, these young people will be able to identify potentialities in the territory for their performance as social protagonists. It's very important generate opportunities capacity-building for youth. Thinking about conditions that connect, engage and encourage young people to lead diverse stories in the community, it is an honor to be part of this process", highlights Aurigele Alves.

Aurigele Alves, Program Director Adel, ministering workshop for young beneficiaries.

To Mark Kings, ILG Social Responsibility Supervisor, it was exciting and quite satisfying to participate in a face-to-face moment with the team and the young. "ILG was very happy with the start of the It was exciting to see the Community House, space of social coexistence, taken by 25 young people very interested in learning. The, which aims to create youth protagonism and digital culture in the village of Angico dos Dias, is a milestone for both the ILG and this community. We want to bring young people more prospects for the future and encourage these young people in the search for more knowledge, so they have more choices", highlights Marcos.

According to the Supervisor, Adel did an amazing job, using a methodology that always seeks to encourage young people to be protagonists of change who they wish to do in their own lives and in their communities. "It was beautiful to see young people interested in training, actively participating in the discussions, thinking about life projects, drawing and helping to think about the problems and solutions for the community".

About the project

The project seeks to contribute to the Role and the entrepreneurship rural youth in Angico dos Dias, uniting the existing potential in the territory with the new Information and Communication Technologies (ict) and other digital solutions, to generate social transformations, positive economic and cultural developments in the community in the coming years.

To Dorinha Oliveira, 19, the experience has already been rewarding. "The content is very well explained, the work is being well developed, not to mention that there are people overcoming shyness", Celebrates. In addition to training, the project foresees the implementation in the community of an Integrated Center for Access to Information and Communication Technology, to ensure access for young people and the whole community to new digital connection technologies.

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