Adel starts Project in two schools in Ceará

Tiago Cerqueira, Adel Project Analyst, during the presentation of the Project for teachers.

Our Project "Young Rural Protagonists: Contextualized education for sustainable development" is held with teachers and students from two rural schools in Ceará, one at Pentecost and another in São Gonçalo do Amarante: EEMTI Notary José Ribeiro Guimarães and EEFM Adelino Alcântara Filho, respectively.

The Project seeks to disseminate content related to education for sustainable development, through the introduction of cross-cutting themes in a contextualized education perspective, that brings the school closer to the reality of the rural communities where their students live, considering the potential they have as social actors and future local entrepreneurs.

In recent weeks, our Programs team visited the two schools attended and presented the Project, their objectives and expected results for teachers and management centers. The first action envisaged is the expansion of capacity to 20 teachers and school managers of the two educational institutions to contribute to the training of adolescents and young people in the rural context of the Semi-arid, from a perspective of contextualized education.

In addition to training with teachers and students, we're conducting a Situational Study of Schools. With the engagement of teachers and managers and data collection on protagonism and student participation, we seek to understand how the work of the school community occurs, what contents and methods related to contextualized education and the territories in which the schools are inserted are worked, as well as the involvement and articulation with Sustainable Development Goals (Ods).

"For this situational study, we are using both secondary and primary data. Secondary data is being collected from information provided by Inep (National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira), indicators of the Basic Education Development Index (Ideb) and some studies of the Basic Education Assessment System (Saeb). At the same time, we're doing some primary data collection during school visits, through a closer conversation with teachers and the management team", reinforces Tiago Cerqueira, our Project Analyst.

About the project

The Project "Young Rural Protagonists: Contextualized education for sustainable development", was selected in the Solea Institute Project Selection Notice. Last Tuesday, 30/08, the Executive Director of the Institute, Luiz Andre, visited the schools together with our team and met the managers and educators involved. For Luiz André, the Project will have great value for the positive transformation of the local reality and the interest and engagement of the two schools is already visible.

Luiz Andre, Executive Director of The Solea Institute, during a visit to schools in Ceará.

Teacher training is the first action of the project. Then, 100 students will participate in workshops focused on sustainable development, in the construction of life projects and development trajectories in the rural context that consider entrepreneurship and social protagonism as viable strategies for their permanence in the field.

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