Adel publishes Manifesto in Defense of Democracy

At this critical moment in our history and following the premises of our Internal Rules and, as an active part of organised civil society, we present our manifesto in defense of democracy, human rights and a model of sustainable development as a public policy for Brazil.

Organised civil society, of which we are part, need to take over in the current context, your ethical responsibility, as a segment that follows the realities of the country closely. It interacts with the social and, in so many cases, generates a place of speech for people, groups and communities that deal with immense challenges to be represented in decision-making processes in the public interest.

For knowing and recognizing that Brazil, as a whole, should position itself in favour of a development project that is social, economically and culturally inclusive and fair, we take our position in these Elections. Not by one candidate or another. Not by one party or another. But for a civilizing project, by a platform where there is a commitment to the values and principles that, for us, are central to a development and governance model for Brazil.

Elections 2022

In the general elections in Brazil in 2022, scheduled for the day 2 of October, for the first round, and in 30 october in case of a second round, we're not going to support any candidate in particular. We maintain absolute party neutral position. But here we express our total repudiation of fascism and political platforms that do not compromise with democracy, human rights and with an agenda for a sustainable development model, in all dimensions of life in society and society's ecological relations with the environment. We maintain our position of repudiation of candidates and parties that promote or carry out aggression, of any kind, to democracy.

During the election period, we're not going to participate in any partisan political event, as well as we will not invite any candidate or ally to participate in our activities. We also do not authorize any person to speak on our behalf in favor of any candidate or party.

We will maintain dialogue with public institutions and our institutional stance, continuing advocating in defense of causes, values and precepts that are fundamental to our mission and vision as an organization of civil society. After the elections, activities and projects that are supported by ongoing public agencies will follow their course, as well as new dialogues and partnerships could emerge in this context.

Read the Manifesto in full: Manifesto in Defense of Democracy


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