ADEL performs field day on grass silage in Tejuçuoca

Producers of sheep and goats of Tejuçuoca, the northern region of the State, carried out on the day 11 August a field day on grass silage, on the property of Mr. Wanderley Braga in the community of Joy – Tejuçuoca/EC.

The machinery used in the realization of this work is contributing to the strengthening of family producers. And were acquired recently, by ADEL in partnership with the Bank of the Northeast of Brazil (BNB), Canafístula farmers ' Community Association (ACAC), Prefeitura Municipal de Tejuçuoca and Tejuçuoca creators Association (ACRIA).

The acquisition of machinery cost R$ 8,5 thousand – appeal from FUNDECI/BNB – and already answered 13 farmers with a production of 12,5 tons of food. The kit is benefiting communities several producers of Joy and Malachi, According to the agenda set by ADEL and Secretary of Rural Development of Tejuçuoca.

The project receives follow-up silage technicians of ADEL and the Ministry of Rural Development of Tejuçuoca. "The amount of silage per producer depends on the existing demand, IE, the size of the herd goats, sheep ", explains Helano Light, Technical Coordinator of the project. He adds that, In addition to the kit, the ADEL bought 1.600 m2 of canvas, that were donated to the producers, which in your time, participating with the labor in the silage process.

ADEL's initiative is to make the producer unable to store fodder for the drought period. The forage is stored in silos adjustable mould. This technology allows the producer to save small amounts of food and can use the surplus or the cultural remains of several forage species.

The process of food preservation for herds goats and sheep is old. In the municipality, with about of 13 thousand head of sheep and goats, the fodder conservation project ensures the weight gain of the herd and contributes to the improvement of the flesh, In addition to the health status of animals in the dry season.

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