Adel performs socioeconomic diagnosis of rural communities in the interior of Ceará

One of our services is to development of socioeconomic and environmental diagnoses in rural areas and local workforce characterization studies to support the development of social and environmental programs and projects. Our most recent work has happened in recent months, around the Mandacaru Wind Complex, Of AES Brazil, covering the municipalities of Trairi and Amontada, in the state of Ceará.

Were more than ten communities visited: Barrinha do Norte, Cane-Brava, Bur, Cotese, Criancó, Curimãs, Guajiru, Inside Lagoon, Manguinho, Goldfish, Pernambuquinho and Timbaúba. The socioeconomic diagnostic study included the mapping of stakeholders and possible local intervention strategies for the social impact on the areas of influence of the Mandacaru Wind Complex.

Approximately 300 semi-structured interviews, including farmers, farmers and local leaders. The population of these localities presents, in general, economic occupation associated primarily with the subsistence agriculture, carried out in a rudimentary manner (not mechanized), the artisanal fishing and animal husbandry. Some communities also stand out for their tourism and crafts.

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The work of listening and recognition of reality of these territories, opens space for dialogue and a cordial relationship with communities. Through Diagnostics, we collect information to support the action plan of the socio-environmental project to be defined by AES Brasil, identifying social demands. Through the study, it was also possible to offer recommendations for social projects, with the aim of managing crisis situations, as well as establishing a harmonious relationship between the residents and the. The knowledge and qualified information on communities are the basis for building proposals that can contribute to the development of sustainable development of the territories, generating positive impacts for all people involved.

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