Adel resumes face-to-face activities of the PJER in RN

In early September, Adel resumed the face-to-face activities of The Projeto Young Entrepreneurs and Rural Protagonists. The initiative, which is part of the scope of action of the Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER), would be executed in the State High Schools Senator Jessé Pinto Freire, In Parazinho, and Olimpia Teixeira, In São Miguel do Gostoso, both municipalities of Rio Grande do Norte.

With the global health crisis, caused by covid-19, there was a strategic repositioning and the Project began to be carried out directly in the rural communities with a higher incidence of students or that concentrate significant numbers of adolescents and young people.

In the days 2 e 3 september two workshops were held in Antônio Conselheiro and Tábua, rural communities of the municipality of São Miguel do Gostoso/RN. More than 20 young people participated in training meetings, following all health and safety protocols in the face of the pandemic context.

The topics worked on were Culture of Peace and Cooperation, in order to strengthen the human rights debate; e, Laboratory for the Creation of Local Initiatives, highlighting social technologies and their importance in the process of sustainability and local development. Groups of young people who complete their training in São Miguel do Gostoso, will soon present their projects and participate in an award to evaluate and recognize the best micro initiatives that dissemine and strengthen Sustainable Development Goals (Ods), in their local communities.

For Jussara Barbosa, 23, benefited in the Antônio Conselheiro community, access to new knowledge is gratifying. "For us in the countryside, opportunities for study are few because of the economic difficulty and displacement of, I am grateful to be part of this great project that has improved our knowledge and given us the opportunity to grow", Celebrates.

Young people benefited by the Young Entrepreneurs and Rural Protagonists Project in Rio Grande do Norte

About the project

Before the first cases of Covid-19 in Brazil, in February 2020 formative meetings were held with the teachers of the two schools that would benefit. The Workshop Pedagogical Approach to Cooperative Learning the participation of the faculty of the two institutions, who was invited to participate in the Project and analyze possibilities and potentialities of, discuss and propose strategies, solutions and practices for introducing an education contextualized in the pedagogical plans and projects of their schools.

Still in 2020, following the recommendations and health and safety protocols of that period, already in the rural communities Antônio Conselheiro and Tábua, meetings were held with young people benefiting from. The topics worked on were Social role, Local Development e Basic Entrepreneurship.

Through the Project, the expectation is enhance the vocations of these adolescents and young people, to be protagonists in their communities and contribute to local development through the entrepreneurship, allied to topics such as respect for diversity, human rights, promote an environment of peace and sustainability in the relations with the environment.

"In the midst of all this context that we are living, encouraging young people to be change within their community is very rewarding. It's been a challenge, because there was a distancing from the classrooms and the difficulty redoubles in bringing this young man to participate in the formations, but still, we have a significant number of participating and showing interest in the Project", points out Fábia Oliveira, Adel Project Assistant.

The Young Entrepreneurs and Rural Protagonists Project was selected in the 11º Socio-environmental notice brookfield Renewable Energy, currently Elera Renewables.

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